Programs for Worms (PC Only)

Firstly, my league generating program. This latest version can also display the challenge league for Reinforcements files. Just unzip it and read the rank.txt file.

Secondly, my sound conversion program. This is a prettier version of Team 17's Bankedit program - hopefully it's easier to use too! It's still in testing, so please try it out and let me know whether you got it to work or not. Just unzip it and read sound.txt.

Thirdly, the long awaited config editor. This small utility allows you to change the options for worms far quicker than you can from within the game. It also lets you choose bizarre values for some options (have up to 50 mines on the landscape at the start of the game!). Unzip the file and run the executable (cfgedit.exe) from the directory containing the worms.cfg file (your Worms directory). The files cfgedit.c and cfg.txt aren't needed, I've just provided them here so programmers can see what I'm doing. Any suggestions welcome, as ever.

Just arrived (April '97): A sound effects extractor. This takes a Worms sound effect file and splits it into .wav files.

Finally, a sample bank reverser. This very small utility reverses each sound effect in a bank. Just run it: backer (input file) (output file)

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