Worms Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, this FAQ is totally unofficial.

If there are any questions you'd like answered in this FAQ, please mail me.

Questions addressed in this FAQ:


1) What is Worms?

Worms is a great game by Team 17. It involves players taking control of teams of 4 worms, and making them kill other worms. It is a turn-based game, bearing distinct similarities to the old games Scorched Earth and Tanks.

Worms is available on many platforms: PC, Amiga, Playstation, Gameboy, and Saturn. It is coming out on the Mac, SNES, Genesis/Megadrive, and Jaguar soon.

For the PC CD-Rom version, there is an add-on pack called Reinforcements. This gives many new features including an extra weapon, the mole bomb. This went under the working title of Worms+, so some people still refer to it as such.

There is also now Worms: United. This is effectively Worms and Reinforcements bundled together, with a few bug fixes and extra levels.

2) Where can I get Worms (and its sequels)?

The demo of Worms is available for download from Team17 for Mac, PC, and Amiga.

You can get the full version of Worms from most good software shops. Price varies on shop and platform... let's face it though, it's worth getting.

3) What's this business about Worms: The Director's Cut / Worms 1.5?

This is a new product for AGA Amigas only - no version will be coming out for any other platform. It will hopefully be released soon, with huge numbers of new features. Team 17 has lots more information about it.

4) What is Worms 2 and when is it coming out?

Worms 2 is now out, and has its own official web site - check it out for more information.

5) What is Worms 3 and when is it coming out?

No sign of Worms 3 yet, and I suspect it's unlikely, to be honest.

6) How do I get molebombs in Worms: Reinforcements?

(Note that in Worms: United the bug that prevents molebombs from falling in crates has been removed, so you don't need to follow the instructions below. You still can if you want them permanently tho'.)

Two methods: one uses debug, (which you probably have, even if you don't know about it), while the other is much neater but involves downloading a file.

Method One
Go into your Worms directory, and at the DOS prompt, type:
debug worms.cfg At the prompt, type in e12c8 then hit return You will see something like 00 on your screen. Type in 07 then return. (Or however many you want - for unlimited type in FF FF FF FF).

You should see some more 00s now. Type w then return. At the next prompt type q.

Run Reinforcements, and you will have molebombs! To turn them off, just follow the above instructions again, entering 00 instead of 07. Method Two
Download my Configuration Editor, run it in your Worms directory, and edit the number of molebombs there.

7) I'm in America and I want to get Reinforcements - how do I do this?

Go to Team 17's online shop.

8) What cheats are available in Worms?

9) What web pages are available for Worms?

To save this FAQ from being huge and needing to be updated constantly, I'll only plug two pages: Team 17's and my own.

Team 17's is on http://www.team17.com/worms/index.html. There's a list of all the other sites from that page.

Mine is on http://www.yoda.arachsys.com/worms/worms.html.

10) How can I talk to other Worms players?

There are 3 main forums for Worms discussion on the Net:

11) Reinforcements won't install properly. What can I do?

Team 17 have a patches page that can probably sort you out.

12) Can I download the whole version of Worms?

No. It's commercial software. You have to buy it.

13) What other goodies are available for Worms?

Various utilities are available from either my programs page or Team 17's.

These include sound bank editors, a Windows 95 theme, a landscape colour changer, a ranking utility, a configuration editor, a landscape editor, and links to custom landscapes and sound files.

14) What is Legendary Prod and how do I use it?

The Prod is just a weapon: a not particularly good one. On most versions, it is a simple select and fire weapon, but on the Amiga it is hidden. To execute the prod, press back, back, forwards, forwards.

15) How do I get the acclaimed Banana Bomb, Sheep, and minigun?

Normally, wait for them to fall down in a weapons crate. Or, you could cheat. (See question 8).

16) How do I enter landscape codes?

Press space on the screen with landscape selection screen (the one with the timer ticking down from 10 seconds. Type in the code, then press return.

17) What do all the statistics mean?

There are two separate sets of statistics: the rankings for individual worms, and the team statistics. The team ones are easier, so I'll deal with them first:

There are five columns: P W F A D, which stand for Played, Won, For (opponent worms yuo've killed), Against (number of worms you've lost including suicides), and Difference (For-Against).

The individual ranking for a worm is calculated as follows: for each worm, there is a counter saying how many games he's played, and how many kills he has racked up. Note that if a worm gets killed before he's had a shot, it doesn't increment the "games played" counter. The worm's ranking is then just 100*(kills/games played).

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