The Regulators Limited Edition Cheques

Please note this page is unfinished as yet. The notes haven't been written yet, and I'll have an easy way of getting to the number you want... just gimme some time!

Well, the Limited Editions of The Regulators have finally arrived, and each has a cheque made out to either a character from a King novel, or some other link. Each also has a memo indicating what it's there for. So as to make the table below a bit more usable, I've put any explanatory notes at the bottom. If the memo looks like a link, click on it for more explanation. This is incomplete as yet, I'll update it as I hear about them.

Many thanks to Peter Schneider for this list, and Glenn Peters for help with a few of the explanations.

Note that cheques 1-399 were written by Peter, with no duplications. Starting from 400, Peter's wife helped. The names on the cheques are the same starting from 1, but the amounts have been changed.

Number Payee Amount ($) Memo
1 Henry Blake 5.00 Bucket
2 Chris Hargenson 20.00 Prom tickets
3 Josie & the Moonglows 125 Band fee
4 Billy Nolan 6.50 Pabst
5 Tommy Ross 25.00 Repair tuxedo burn
6 Susan Snell 6.95 Copy of "My Name is Susan Snell"
7 John Swithen 1.95 Copy of "The Fifth Quarter"
8 Blue Ribbon Laundry 14.00 Remove E-Z Gel Stain
9 Teddy's Amoco 100.00 Bodywork on Javelin
10 Billy Bosnan Band 75.00 Band fee
11 Everleaf 10.00 Ten copies for Tom
12 Signet Books 1.95 Copy of "Black Prom"
13 Eva Miller 40.00 2 night's stay
14 Carl Foreman 75.00 Funeral
15 Susan Norton 25 Signed copy "Air Dance"
16 Mike Ryerson 25.00 Annual plot upkeep
17 Barlow & Straker Antiques 700 Hepplewhite
18 Cinex 80 Painting by Susan
19 Excellent Cafe 15.80 Tab
20 Northern Belle Florist 85.00 Roses!
21 Stop & Shop 12.75 Garlic!
22 Woolworth's 6.95 Rood
23 Continental Land & Realty 65.00 Deed search
24 The Hardware Store 18.90 5 Yale padlocks
25 Overlook Hotel 125.00 Presidential Suite
26 Horace Derwent 500.00 Financial advice
27 Durkin's Conoco 45 Snowmobile rental
28 Delbert Grady 10.00 Fire axe
29 Dick Halloran 25.00 Recipes
30 Lloyd 50 Good service
31 Stuart Ullman 100 Deposit
32 The Lucky Bones 300 Craps!
33 Hertz 45 Buick Electra rental
34 Dr. Edwards 125 EEG test
35 Rexall Pharmacy 8.00 4 bottles Excedrin
36 Johns & Goodfellow Books 100 De Vermis Mysteriis
37 Sear's 10 Rat's Bane
38 Harrison State Park 15.00 Permit
39 Sterling Vision 20 Arthur's glasses
40 Hadley Watson 1800 Ironer/folder
41 Dr. Harper 100 Shrink/4 sessions
42 Savin Rock 18.00 Yearly pass
43 Henry's Nite-Owl 8.00 Case of Golden Light
44 Morris Toy Company 7.95 GI Joe Vietnam Footlocker
45 Amanda Drogan 25 Case of Little Friskies
46 Conant's Truck Stop 7.50 Fix engine--won't stop running
47 B. Daltons 8.23 Copy of "Raising Demons"
48 L.L. Bean 14.00 Hunting knife
49 Rondo Hatton 28 Face cream
50 Pastoral Greenery 5.00 Lawn mowing
51 Goldfish Bowl 22.00 Bar tab
52 Midwest Bison Burgers 75.00 3 shares of stock
53 Quitters Inc. 5,000.50 !!!
54 Abdul Alhazred 10,000 old book
55 Tookey's Bar 35.00 bar tab
56 Nick Andros 100.00 Old Bel-Tone
57 Sam Goody's 5.99 "Pocket Savior"
58 Randall Flagg 15,000 Tithe
59 Charles Campion 10.00 Flu shot
60 Rita Blakemore 22.00 Seconal
61 Tom Cullen 5.00 bicycle
62 Dewey the Deck 50.00 Talcum
63 Donald Elbert 6.95 Zippo lighter
64 Tattered Remnants 4,000 Royalties
65 Joe Rockaway 1500 Gibson Dove
66 Harold Lauder 20 New underwear
67 Randy's Sooperette 8.50 Medi-Flue, Robitussin
68 Cheery Oil Company 450 Damage to tanks
69 Paulie's Radio & TV 100 Sony TV
70 Vermont Plague Center 14.00 Noseguards
71 Lincoln Tunnel Authority 65 Fee to tow car
72 Rexall Pharmacy 2.50 Pepto for Tom
73 Project Blue 10 Guided tour
74 Harold Lauder 5.00 Case of Paydays
75 Randy's Sooperette 10.52 Case of Za-Rex
76 Nadine Cross 7.50 Hair dye
77 Dr. Denninger 50 Medical check-up
78 Louis Dragonsky 10 Bug bomb
79 Mother Abagail Freemantle 25.00 Geritol
80 Frannie Goldsmith Redman 100 Wedding gift
81 Bill Hapscomb's Texaco 24 New tire
82 Lloyd Henreid 100 Taking care of business
83 Donald King 70 Electro-lux
84 Julie Lawry 10.00 Mi-dol
85 Maria 20 Oral hygiene
86 Cthulhu 10 2 night stay in R'lyeh
87 Stu Redman 25 Fix calculator
88 Wayne Stukey 20 Good advice
89 Apache County Court 125 Medical care
90 Chavez Ravine 24.00 Tickets to Zepp.
91 Earthly Sounds 225 Les Paul
92 Folk Arts Music Store 24 Washboard for Frannie
93 Ray Garraty 10 Flowers for Jan
94 The Major 20 New Ray Bans
95 Greg Stillson Campaign 50 Contribution
96 Stuart Clawson 100 Rights to Stillson photo
97 Ngo Phat 25 Lawn work
98 Dr. Weizak 100 Check-up
99 Castle Rock Court 25 Parking ticket
100 Fourth St. Phoenix Sporting Gds. 110 Remington rifle
101 Phoenix Office Supply 149.95 Attache case
102 America Now Party 100 For Gregg
103 Smith's hardware 6.95 D-Con for Frank
104 American Truthway Inc. 75 Bible samples
105 Sonny Elliman 50 Taking care of Smith
106 Inside View 12.00 Subscription
107 W.W. Jacobs 17.00 A monkey's paw
108 Michael Carey Jackson 10 "The Unlearning Reader"
109 Shirley Jackson 22 2 night's stay in Hill House
110 Charlie McGee 10 Fix pilot light
111 Andrew McGee 15 Refill of Lot 6
112 John Rainbird 150 Shop class
113 Slumberland Motel 14 1 night's stay
114 Dr. Wanless 100 To keep quiet
115 Confidence Associates 50 Seminar
116 The Shop 300,000 Exploding bicycle
117 Weapon Shop of Isher 250 Weapons
118 Harvey's Gun Shop 45 .44
119 Olivia Brenner 50 Gettin' around
120 Bart Dawes 40 Laundry
121 Sally Magliore 150 Vig
122 Clean Living Car Wash 5 Hot wax!
123 John's TV 837.00 TV
124 Handy Andy 6.00 2 Andy burgers/tip
125 Sally Magliore 200 Dynamite
126 Phil Drake 5,000 For Drop Down Mamma
127 Nick Adams 150 Evinrude motor
128 Joe Camber 50 Tune-up/Pinto
129 Dr. Gresham 25 Check-up/sleepwalking
130 Ellison Agency 100 Ads for Glass Teat
131 Jack & Jill Nursery School 80 Tad's school
132 The Mellow Tiger 22.48 Dinner
133 The Sharp Company 80 Case of cereal
134 Ad Worx 200 Cujo campaign
135 Jordy Verrill 20 Look at meteor
136 Horlicks University 15 Mouse head clamps
137 Ben Richards 20 For medicine
138 Municipal Crematorium 100 Mom
139 Molie Jernigan 50 Axial card
140 Andy Dufresne 10 Rita Hayworth poster
141 Red 12 "Escape in 10 E-Z Lessons"
142 Arthur Denker 15 Steak knives
143 Todd Bowden 20 Killed moles
144 Edie's Liquors 12 Ancient Age Bourbon
145 Kurt Dussander 40 Yodeling gas
146 Gordie LaChance 20 Lawn work
147 Vern Tessio 15 Yard work
148 Chris Chambers 17 Yard work
149 Teddy Duchamp 18 Yard work
150 Emporium Galorium 25 Treats for the lads
151 Mackey Lumber 50.10 Lumber for treehouse
152 Sukey's Tavern 35 Bar bill
153 Castle Rock Hardware 7.53 Muskol
154 Davie Hogan 25 Pie-eating award
155 The Club 1500.00 membership
156 Arlene Hanrahan 10,400.00 Gift to widow
157 Pittsburgh Civic Center 26 Tkts. to Jackson Browne
158 Roland LeBay 2,100.00 '58 Fury
159 Arnie Cunningham 87.50 For auto parts
160 Darnell's Used Auto Parts 15 Grill for Fury
161 Johnny Pomberton 100 Rent "Petunia"
162 British Lion Steak House 28.50 Dinner w/ Leigh
163 Libertyville Heights Cemetery 150.00 LeBay's plot
164 McConnell's Auto Parts 65 Windshield for Fury
165 The Speed Shop 85 Feully headers
166 Western Auto 8.00 Keys/Darnell's
167 Mammoth Mart 9.25 Case of Sapphire Oil
168 Bill Baterman 11.00 Used shovel and pick
169 Jud Crandall 25 Sematary plot
170 Louis Creed 10.50 Used shovel and tarp
171 Missy Dandridge 7.50 Babysitting
172 Lester Morgan 40 Old bull
173 Dr. Quentin Jolander 20 Neutered Church
174 Steve Masterson 80 Salary
175 Victor Pascow 4.25 Band-aids
176 Timmy Baterman 10 Painkiller
177 American Casket Company 150 Casket/Gage
178 Ludlow Hardware 18 Wendigo-bane
179 Bangor Carpet 175 New carpet (Pascow)
180 Benjamin's Restaurant 30.75 Dinner
181 Brookings Smith Mortuary 400 Norma's service
182 Emporium Galorium 100 Welsh dresser
183 Greenspan Funeral Home 150 Timmy's service
184 Everlock 25 Vault sealant
185 Mount Hope Cemetery 100 Upkeep for H101 & H102
186 Mastercard 2,500 Gage's service
187 Sunlight Gardner Home 120 Dad's payment
188 Barton Detective Services 200 Search for Billy
189 Richard Ginelli 20 Cheeseburgers
190 Dr. Michael Houston 50 Check-up
191 Taduz Lemke 50 Take off curse
192 Frank Quigley 200 Keep quiet!
193 Head's Up 6 Haircut
194 John Tree 80 Information
195 Blue Moon Court & Lodge 40 1 night stay
196 Ellsworth 80 Camping permit
197 Fairview Country Club 1,000 Dues
198 Good Luck Paint Company 72 Xeroxing
199 Hastur Lounge 17.55 Bar bill
200 Henry Glassman Clinic 200 Metabolic tests
201 King in Yellow 26 Jeans
202 Sheepscot Motel 32 1 night stay
203 Richard Ginelli 15 Recipe for Pit Bull Cocktail
204 Cary Rossington 25 Case of Nivea
205 Uncle Al 14 Fireworks
206 Lester Lowe 15 Wolfbane
207 Chat 'n' Chew 8.50 Dinner
208 The Corner Bookshop 18 Bible
209 Amanda Dumfries 75 Gun
210 Giosti's Mobil 52 Work on Jeep
211 Arrowhead Project 10 Guided tour
212 Federal Foods Supermarket 12.50 Irish Mist
213 Auburn Novelty Shop 4.50 Chattering teeth
214 Bridgton Pharmacy 8.50 Tuinal
215 Howard Johnson's 7.50 Dinner
216 Naples Marina 85 Naples Marina--fix boat
217 Value House 150 McCullough chainsaw
218 Federal Foods Supermarket 3.79 Golden Girl shampoo
219 Hal Shelburne 5 Toy monkey
220 Hank Sweeney 20 Rental of Gremlin
221 Ophelia Todd 10 Map of shortcuts
222 Jan Hagstrom 800 Word processor
223 Ricky Brazzi 3 For Howi Plotsky
224 George McCutcheon 20 Truck wheels
225 Spike Milligan 8 Milk delivery
226 Chief Borton 20 Reelection fund
227 Joseph Payne Brennan 15 Copy of Bulldozer
228 Richard Cowan 45 Plumbing supplies
229 Jimmy Cullum 800 For plastic surgery
230 Bill Denbrough 65 Replace "Silver"
231 Georgie Denbrough 150 Prosthetic
232 Derry Town House 80 2 night stay
233 Frank Dodd 120 Four new slickers
234 Jimmy Donlin 80 For dietician
235 Harold Earl 8 2 cans paint thinner
236 White Tie Magazine 60 Ms. of "The Dark"
237 Dennis Etchison 60 Ms. for White Tie story
238 John Feury 120 Prosthetics
239 Rev. Raymond Fogarty 100 New beer cooler
240 Foxy Foxworth 350 Damages to Alladin
241 Bill Denbrough 80 Speech therapy
242 Bill Goldman 1,000 "Black Rapids" treatment
243 Ben Hanscom 5,000 For Quitters Inc. diet
244 David Hartwell 80 Dues to Loggers Union
245 Sandy Ives 15 Derry book
246 Eddie Kaspbrak 10 Placebo inhalers
247 Norbert Keene 10 Bradley gang story
248 Eddie King 46 Poker winnings
249 Carl Kitchener 22 Bearing molds
250 Cheryl Lamonica 40 Child support
251 Roger Lernerd 400 New K car
252 Lal Machen 260 Guns/ammo
252 John Markson 8 Mushrooms
254 Beverly Marsh 80 Dress for Claudia
255 Kay McCall 40 Books for Claudia
256 Aloysius Nell 40 Protection
257 Rebecca Paulson 190 For "help"
258 Pennywise 80 Entertainment at party
259 Richard Upton Pickman 90 Sofa painting
260 Andrew Rhulin 40 Vet bill
261 Steve Sadler 12 Archie comics
262 Anne Stuart 45 New shower door
263 Boogers Taliendo 6 Sex ed.
264 Richie Tozer 25 Tickets for the Improv
265 Forrest Tucker 20 Video of "The Crawling Eye"
266 Stanley Uris 10 Bird Guide
267 Stanley Uris 5 Sta-Hard cream
268 Alvey's Smokes 'n' Jokes 10 Whoopee cushion
269 Augusta State Mental Hospital 20 Smokes for Henry
270 Bangor Hydroelectric Company 250 Fill in Morlock holes
271 Bike & Cycle Shoppe 78 For Silver
272 The Black Spot 452 Fire insurance
273 The Bloody Bucket 13.75 Bar tab
274 Canal Days Museum 10 Donation
275 Delia Fashions 135 Dress for Claudia
276 Derry Elementary School 20 Cake sale
277 The Discount Barn 16.50 Towels and pots
278 The Floating Dog 12 1 night stay
279 King & Landry Public Relations 80 Press release
280 Kleen Kut Barber Shop 8 Trim
281 KleenKloze Washateria 12.50 Clean Bev's towels
282 Mount Hope Cemetery 90 Georgie's plot
283 The Orinoka 22.50 Dinner
284 Peck's Big Boy 65 Lap dance
285 St. Joseph's Hospital 165 Cheryl's leg
286 The Shirt Shack 20 T-shirts
287 Waldenbooks 12.95 Bill Denbrough's book
288 Charles N. Brown 12 Sub. to Locus
289 Andrew Keene 25 2 lids of Red
290 Kay McCall 1,000 For Bev's debt
291 Aladdin Theatre 7.50 Tikts. to Pit of Black Demon
292 Red Wheel 6.50 Stein of Wild Turkey
293 Derry hardware 6.55 Tangle-Track glue
294 Secondhand Rose 2.65 Perry Como records
295 Norbert keene 10 25 grains Blue Skies
296 Richie Tozier 2.50 Lawn mowing
297 Will Hanlon 200 For killing chickens
298 Secondhand Rose 10 Bill's used Underwood
299 Eddie Desmond 12.50 Skunk
300 Annie Wilkes 125 4-night's stay
301 Duane Kushner 12 New haircut
302 Paul Sheldon 225 Ms. of "Misery's Return"
303 Paul Sheldon 65 Orthopedic shoes
304 Paul Sheldon 22.50 Codeine
305 Annie Wilkes 60 Writing lessons
306 Annie Wilkes 12 Axe and blowtorch
307 Sidewinder Police Dept. 25 Tow car
308 Sidewinder Stationery 8 Ream of corrassable bond
309 Lloyd Currey 850 Ms. of Fast Cars
310 Sidewinder Pharmacy 22 Keflex and ampicillan
311 Sidewinder Hardware 62.48 Kreig locks
312 Sidewinder ASPCA 5 Copy of Misery's Hobby
313 Paul Sheldon 125 Thumb prosthesis
314 Cooder's Market 135 Duracells
315 Ida Bozeman 75 Molecule exciter
316 Derry Western Auto 250 20 car batteries
317 Bradley Colson 60 For vasectomy
318 Elt Barker's Shell 16 Oil change
319 Jim Gardener 25 Poems
320 Billy Fanin 50 Killer wagon
321 Darla Gaines 20 "Tip"
322 Paul's Down East SuperMart 6 Lomotil
323 Claudell Weems 60 Gold tooth
324 Alhambra Hotel 150 2 night's stay w/Jack
325 Derry Tru-Value Hardware 65 Batteries
326 Haven Grammar School 20 "Stop Alice Kimball" fund
327 Junque-a-Torium 6.50 Acid gun
328 Mr. Paperback 9.00 Atlas
329 Splendid Shoe 22 Jumping shoes
330 Troy General Store 8 T-shirts
331 Doubleday Publishing 6.95 Copy of "Boxing the Compass"
332 Cooder's Market 150 New Coke machine
333 Bobbi Anderson 60 Furnace rebreather
334 Hilly Brown 17 Disappearing device
335 Jim Gardener 11.95 Copy of "Leighton Street"
336 New England Paper Company 4,000 Deed to "Burning Woods"
337 New England Poetry Caravan 32 For hotel movies
338 Thad Beaumont 22 Copy of "Sudden Dancers"
339 Thad Beaumont 18.50 Copy of "Purple Haze"
340 David Aronovitz 200 Copy of ms. for "Golden Dog"
341 George Stark 100 Protection
342 Frederick Clawson 60 Detective work
343 Dr. Lring 250 Headaches
344 Donald Westlake 50 Use of name "Stark"
345 Agency Liquor Store 22 Vodka
346 Eastern Maine Medical Center 235 X-rays and cat scan
347 Homeland Cemetery 200 Stark's plot
348 Mellow Tiget 65 Damage from fight
349 You Sew and Sew 17 Cloth for Claudia
350 New York Public Library 10 IBM retal
351 Nan's Luncheonette 6 Lunch
352 Darwin Press 20 Copy of "Steel Machine"
353 Twin City Camera & Video 38 Polaroid Sun 660
354 Donald Grant 150 Ms. of "Aftermath"
355 Claiborne Blaisdell 200 Bail
356 Annie Bradstay 4 Blaze
357 Lindy's Steak House 24 Steaks
358 George Rockley 80 Advice
359 Tim & Janet's Quik-Pik 112 Recompense/Blaze
360 The Baby Shoppe 221.55 Clothes for Joe
361 Hardy's Discount 124 Recompense/Blaze
362 Moochie's Drugstore 6.55 Supplies
363 Sister Mary Dean Chase Home for Boys 200 For Blaze
364 Triad Publishing 10 "People Places & Things"
365 Triad Publishing 15 "Star Invaders"
366 Bonaventure Motel 12 1 night stay
367 Triad Publishing Company 15 Copy of "I Was a Teenage Grave Robber"
368 University of Maine Library 80 Copy of Slade
369 Startling Mystery Stories 6 Copy of "Glass Floor"
370 Fred Agnew 60 Shares of American Southwest
371 Onan 10 Copy of "The Blue Air Compressor"
372 Mrs. Leighton 50 2 nights stay
373 Cavalier $6 Copy of "The Fifth Quarter"
374 Miss Sidley $80 Shock treatments
375 Cavalier Magazine $6 Copy of "Suffer the Little Children"
376 Marshroots $10 Copy of "It Grows on You"
377 Cavalier $8 Copy of "Cat from Hell"
378 John Halson $300 Hit on "Sam"
379 Drogan Pharmaceuticals $100 Dose of Tri-Dormal-G
380 Gent Magazine $10 Copy of "Man with a Belly"
381 Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine $12 Copy of "Night of the Tiger"
382 Ramsey Campbell $20 Map to Crouch End
383 Stuart Schiff $60 Ms. of "Before the Play"
384 Zenith House Publishers $120 Ms. for "True Tales of Demon Infestation"
385 Carlos Detweiller $20 House plant
386 Carlos Detweiller $80 Photographs
387 Anthony LaScorbia $200 Signed ". . .from Hell" series
388 Doubleday Publishing $100 Ms. of "Skybar"
389 Big Joe's Cleaning Service $60 Clean Dolan's house
390 James Dolan $15,000 Caddie
391 Ellen Datlow/Omni Magazine $20 Ms. of "End of the Whole Mess"
392 Sons of the Jihad $500 Squirt bomb
393 Onan $20 Ms. for "The Darkman"
394 Philtrum Press $200 "Eyes of the Dragon"
395 Jim Charlton $100 Ms. for "Bred Any Good Rooks"
396 Edward Paladin $1,000 Host "Tonight" show
397 Martha Rosewall $30 Clean sheets
398 Peter Jeffries $100.00 Child care
399 Le Palais Hotel $20 Maid service
400 Henry Blake $7.50 Bucket
401 Chris Hargenson $24 Prom tickets
402 Josie & the Moonglows $150 Band fee
403 Billy Nolan $7 Pabst
404 Tommy Ross $20 Repair tuxedo burn
405 Susan Snell $7.95 Copy of "My Name is Susan Snell"
406 John Swithen $2.95 Copy of "The Fifth Quarter"
407 Blue Ribbon Laundry $16.00 Remove E-Z gel stain
408 Teddy's Amoco $120 Body work on Javelin
409 Billy Bosnan Band $85 Band fee
410 Everleaf $15 10 copies for Tom
411 Signet Books $2.95 Copy of "Black Prom"
412 Eva Miller $50 2 night's stay
413 Carl Foreman $80 Funeral
414 Susan Norton $27.50 Signed copy "Air Dance"
415 Mike Ryerson $28 Annual plot upkeep
416 Barlow & Straker Antiques $740.00 Hepplewhite
417 Cinex $85 Painting by Susan
418 Excellent Cafe $14.95 Tab
419 Northern Belle Florist $75 Roses!
420 Stop & Shop $14.05 Garlic!
421 Woolworth's $8.95 Rood
422 Continental Land & Realty $70 Deed search
423 The Hardware Store $22.50 5 yale padlocks
424 Overlook Hotel $140 Presidential Suite
425 Horace Derwent $525 Financial advice
426 Durkin's Conoco $50 Snowmobile rental
427 Delbert Grady $15 Fire axe
428 Dick halloran $23 Recipes
429 Lloyd $60 Good service
430 Stuart Ullman $125 Deposit
431 The Lucky Bones $275 Craps!
432 Hertz $50 Buick Electra
433 Dr. Edwards $150 EEG test
434 Rexall Pharmacy $10 4 bottles Excedrin
435 Johns & Goodfellow Books $125 DeVermiis Mysteriis
436 Sears $12 Rat's Bane
437 Harrison State Park $17.50 permit
438 Sterling Vision $26 Arthur's glasses
439 Hadley Watson $2,200 Ironer/folder
440 Dr. Harper $160 Shrink--4 sessions
441 Savin Rock $15 Yearly pass
442 Henry's Night-Owl $10 Case of Golden Light
443 Morris Toy Company $8.95 G.I. Joe Vietnam Footlocker
444 Amanda Drogan $30 Case of Little Friskies
445 Conant's Truck Stop $10.50 Fix engine--won't stop running
446 B. Daltons $9.95 Copy of "Raising Demons"
447 L.L. Bean $17.50 Hunting knife
448 Rondo Hatton $26.75 Face cream
449 Pastoral Greenery $8 Lawnmowing
450 Goldfish Bowl $26 Bar tab
451 Midwest Bison Burgers $90 3 shares of stock
452 Quitter's Inc. $5,000.50 !!!
453 Abdul Alhazred $12,000 Old book

Notes and origins:
If there are question marks, the number of question marks indicates how confused I am about this reference:

1- (Carrie) Henry Blake went to kill the pigs.
2- (Carrie) Chris Hargenson plotted Carrie's downfall.
3-(Carrie) Josie and the Moonglows played at Carrie's prom.
4- (Carrie) Billy Nolan rigged the pigs' blood at the prom.
5- (Carrie) Tommy Ross accompanied Carrie to the prom.
6- (Carrie) Susan Snell was one of Carrie's classmates. Tried to make amends but things went horribly wrong.
7- (Nightmares and Dreamscapes/The Fifth Quarter) John Swithen is the pseudonym King published The Fifth Quarter under.
8- (Carrie) Carrie's mother worked at the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
9- ? (Carrie) This refers to Teddy Duchamp's garage. Not sure whose car though.
10- (Carrie) The Billy Bosnan Band played at Carrie's prom.
11- (Carrie) Tommy Ross had a poem published in the magazine Everleaf.
12- ? (Carrie) The Black Prom was a book analysing the events of the prom night.
13- ('Salem's Lot) Eva Miller ran the boarding house where Ben stayed.
14- ('Salem's Lot) Carl Foreman was the undertaker of 'Salem's Lot.
15- ('Salem's Lot) Air Dance was a Ben Mears book.
16- ('Salem's Lot) Mike Ryerson maintained the Lot's cemeteries.
17- ('Salem's Lot) Barlow's sideboard was a Hepplewhite.
18- ('Salem's Lot) The Cinex had a triple cinema in 'Salem's Lot and bought 12 of Susan's paintings.
19- ('Salem's Lot) The Excellent Cafe was a restaurant in the Lot that went out of business.
20- ('Salem's Lot) Ben bought roses for Susan from the Northen Belle Florist
21- ('Salem's Lot) Ben and Jimmy bought a dozen boxes of garlic from the Stop & Shop.
22- ('Salem's Lot) Matt bought a crucifix from Woolworth's.
23- ('Salem's Lot) Continental Land and Realty is the dummy company which bought the land Barlow gave to Larry Crockett.
24- ('Salem's Lot) 5 Yale padlocks were used when the Hepplewhite was delivered.
25- (The Shining) The Presidential Suite (room 300) had been occupied by 4 presidents.
26- (The Shining) Horace Derwent bought The Overlook at the end of World War 2.
27- (The Shining) Durkin's Conoco was where Dick Hallorann got the snowmobile near the end.
28- (The Shining) Delbert Grady was the previous caretaker at The Overlook who killed his family with a fire axe.
29- (The Shining) Dick Hallorann was The Overlook's head chef.
30- (The Shining) Lloyd was the late barman in the Colorado Lounge at The Overlook.
31- (The Shining) Stuart Ullman was the manager of The Overlook.
32- ? (The Shining) The Lucky Bones was a casino on the strip in Las Vegas. I think Dick Hallorann mentions it. Not sure.
33- (The Shining) Dick Hallorann hired his car from Hertz when coming back from Colorado.
34- (The Shining) Wendy and Jack took Danny to see Dr. Edwards.
35- (The Shining) Jack buys some Excedrin from a Rexall after getting the job at The Overlook
36- (Night Shift/Jerusalem's Lot) A copy of De Vermis Mysteriis is found by Boone and Cal. They ask Johns & Goodfellow Books about it. De Vermis Mysteriis is a book invented by H.P. Lovecraft.
37- (Night Shift/Jerusalem's Lot) In 1850, Calvin McCanne ordered some rat's bane from a catalogue.
38- (Night Shift/Night Surf) The narrator recalls being taken to Harrison State Park as a child.
39- ? (Night Shift/I Am The Doorway) I think this a reference to Arthur of said story, and the phenomenon of eyes appearing where they're not meant to. No idea about Sterling Vision though. Just a pun?
40- (Night Shift/The Mangler) Hadley-Watson is the company that supplied the mangler.
41- (Night Shift/The Boogeyman) Dr. Harper is the psychiatrist Lester Billings goes to see.
42- (Night Shift/The Boogeyman) Lester Billings took his kids to Savin Rock (an amusement park).
43- (Night Shift/Gray Matter) Golden Light was what started turning Richie Grenadine into a big blob, and it was bought from Henry's Nite-Owl.
44- (Night Shift/Battleground) The surprisingly active figures came out of a GI Joe Footlocker, made by the Morris Toy Company, whose owner had just been Renshaw's target.
45- (Battleground) Amanda is the little girl (played by Drew Barrymore) who features in the first story of the movie "Cat's Eye" which also features the story "Battleground".
46- (Night Shift/Trucks) Conant's Truck Stop was where the characters in the story were trapped when the vehicles took on a life of their own.
47- (Night Shift/Sometimes They Come Back) "Raising Demons" was the book Jim used for the effect at the end. Not sure where Daltons comes into it.
48- (Night Shift/Strawberry Spring) A knife from L.L. Bean was found in the room of Carl Alamara, who was arrested for the murders.
49- (Night Shift/The Ledge) After Stan Norris hit Cressner with the gun, Cressner looked like Rondo Hatton. No idea where skin cream comes in, probably 'cos I've never heard of Rondo Hatton.
50- (Night Shift/The Lawnmower Man) Pastoral Greenery was the name of the company called to mow the lawn.
51- (Night Shift/The Lawnmower Man) The Goldfish Bowl was a bar Harold often drank at.
52- (Night Shift/The Lawnmower Man) Harold had once invested 75 in Midwest Bison Burgers, which subsequently collapsed.
53- (Night Shift/Quitters, Inc.) The bill from Quitters Inc. was $2500 for the treatment, $2500 for counselling, and $.50 for electricity.
54- (Night Shift/I Know What You Need) Abdul Alhazred is the "author" of the Necronomicon, which is mentioned in "I Know What You Need". (Actually, both author and book were invented by H.P. Lovecraft.)
55- (Night Shift/One For The Road) Tookey's Bar was where Booth (the narrator) was when Gerard Lumley turned up.
56- (The Stand) Bel-Tone is a brand of hearing aid - Nick was deaf.
57- (The Stand) "Pocket Savior" is the name of Larry's album containing "Baby Can You Dig Your Man".
58- (The Stand) I don't think this is any particular reference, just a joke.
59- (The Stand) Charles Campion was the man who originally spread Captain Trips.
60- (The Stand) Rita Blakemoor was rather fond of taking pills.
61- (The Stand) When Nick meets Tom Cullen, he gets a bike for him, as neither of them can drive.
62- (The Stand) Dewey the Deck was Larry's drug supplier.
63- (The Stand) Donald Elbert (aka Trashcan Man) enjoyed all things combustible.
64- (The Stand) The Tattered Remnants was Larry's Band.
65- (The Stand) Gibson Dove is a guitar - Joe was a natural on the guitar.
66- (The Stand) Harold didn't seem to value personal hygiene much.
67- (The Stand) Randy's Sooperette was a grocery store in Arnette. (Stu's home town)
68- (The Stand) Trashcan Man had great fun blowing up Cheery's oil storage tanks.
69- (The Stand) Nick did one of his "apologetic break-ins" at this Paulie's in Shoyo, and took a Sony.
70- (The Stand) The Vermont Plague Center was where Stu was held while the world died.
71- (The Stand) Rita and Larry didn't particularly enjoy their trip through the Lincoln Tunnel.
72- (The Stand) Nick got some Pepto-Bismol for Tom at a Rexall when Tom had eaten too many apples.
73- (The Stand) Project Blue was the secret project which invented Captain Trips in the first place.
74- (The Stand) Harold Lauder loved Paydays - Larry found wrappers while trying to catch up with him.
75- (The Stand) Again, Randy's Sooperette was a grocery store in Arnette. Za-Rex is Steve King's favourite drink. (See cheque 67)
76- (The Stand) Nadine Cross' hair went from black with silver streaks in to white after her honeymoon with Flagg.
77- (The Stand) Denninger was one of the doctors at the Vermont Plague Center.
78- (The Stand) "This place has bugs Louis Dragonsky, 1977" was written on one of the cell walls in Shoyo's jail (where Nick was brought after being beaten up).
79- (The Stand) Mother Abagail was no spring chicken.
80- (The Stand) Frannie Goldsmith married Stu Redman.
81- (The Stand) Bill's Texaco was where we first saw Stu in The Stand.
82- (The Stand) (??) Um, can't remember exactly, but Lloyd and the phrase "Taking care of business" go together somehow...
83- (The Stand) Donald King tried to sell Mother Abagail a vacuum cleaner. Note, Stephen King's father was also called Donald.
84- (The Stand) Julie Lawry was in the Rexall where Nick got some Pepto-Bismol for Tom after he ate too many apples.
85- (The Stand) Maria was the oral hygienist who gave Larry oral sex when he returned to New York.
86- Lovecraft reference.
87- (The Stand) Stu used to work in a Texas Instruments factory.
88- (The Stand) Wayne gave Larry the advice to get his life back together after the party which landed him in major debt.
89- (The Stand) After being arrested, Lloyd Henreid was taken to the Apache County jail infirmary.
90- (The Stand) Larry Underwood's band opened for Dire Straits and Led Zeppelin at Chavez Ravine.
91- (The Stand) Leo Rockway picked out a guitar at Earthly Sounds (it was a $600 Gibson).
92- (The Stand) When Frannie found washing hard, Stu found an old-fashioned washboard in The Folk Arts Music Store.
93- (The Long Walk) Jan was Ray (#47) Garraty's girlfriend.
94- (The Long Walk) The Major always wore reflector sunglasses.
95- (The Dead Zone) Greg Stillson is the ambitious politician Johnny Smith becomes obsessed with.
96- (The Dead Zone) It was Stuart Clawson that took the photo of Stillson holding up the baby to protect himself.
97- (The Dead Zone) Ngo Phat was Roger Chatsworth's Vietnamese groundsman.
98- (The Dead Zone) Dr. Weizak was Johnny Smith's doctor and friend after his accident.
99- (The Dead Zone) Johnny helped George Bannerman investigate a serial killer in Castle Rock.
100- (The Dead Zone) Johnny used a Remington in his murder attempt.
101- (The Dead Zone) Jonny put the rifle for his murder attempt in a large attache case.
102- (The Dead Zone) The America Now Party was the political party formed by Greg Stillson.
103- (The Dead Zone) D-Con rat poison was found in Frank Dodd's closet.
104- (The Dead Zone) Before his political days, Greg Stillson had been a travelling Bible salesman.
105- (The Dead Zone) Sonny Elliman was Greg Stillson's right-hand man.
106- (The Dead Zone) Inside View Magazine offered Johnny a job as a psychic.
107- Reference to The Monkey's Paw story by Jacobs.
108- (The Dead Zone) Michael Carey Jackson was a reading and grammar specialist, who wrote "The Unlearning Reader".
109- Reference to The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.
110- (Firestarter) Charlie McGee was pyrokinetic.
111- (Firestarter) Andrew McGee (Charlie's father) was one of the recipients of Lot 6, an experimental drug which had various supernatural effects.
112- (Firestarter) John Rainbird was an agent for the top secret government agency "The Shop".
113- (Firestarter) The Slumberland Motel was where Andy and Charlie spent the night after hitch-hiking.
114- (Firestarter) Dr. Wanless was the brain behind the Lot 6 experiments. He was killed by Rainbird because he wanted to reveal the truth.
115- (Firestarter) Confidence Associates was the group run by Andy in New York.
116- (Firestarter) The Shop paid $300,000 to investigate the feasibility of an exploding bike.
117- (Firestarter) "The Weapon Shops of Isher", a short story by A.E. van Vogt, was where The Shop got its name.
118- (Roadwork) Harvey's Gun Shop was where Bart Dawes bought the Magnum and the rifle.
119- (Roadwork) Olivia Brenner was the hitch-hiker Bart picked up then got to know.
120- (Roadwork) Bart Dawes was a manager at the Blue Ribbon laundry.
121- (Roadwork) Sally Magliore was mobster-type who ran a used car lot.
122- (Roadwork) Clean Living was the car wash Bart usually used.
123- (Roadwork) Bart and Mary bought a TV for $837 soon after they were married, having done separate extra jobs to get the money.
124- (Roadwork) Bart took Mary to Handy-Andy's for lunch.
125- (Roadwork) Sally Magliore was mobster-type who (reluctantly) supplied Dawes with explosives.
126- (Roadwork) Phil Drake was a street-priest who worked at the Drop Down Mamma coffeehouse.
127- (Roadwork) Nick Adams is Dawes' fictitious cousin, who bought Dawes an Evinrude motor for a present.
128- (Cujo) Joe Camber (Cujo's owner) was a mechanic.
129- (Cujo) Charity Camber consulted Dr. Gresham about her son Brett's sleep-walking.
130- This is a reference to Harlan Ellison.
131- (Cujo) Tad Trenton went to the Jack and Jill Nursery School three mornings a week.
132- (Castle Rock/Cujo) The Mellow Tiger is the only bar in Castle Rock.
133- (Cujo) Vic Trenton was working on adverts with Sharp cereals during the book's main timeframe.
134- (Cujo) Ad Worx was the name of the advertising company Vic Trenton was a partner in.
135- (Creepshow) Jordy Verrill was the character played by King in the film of Creepshow.
136- (Creepshow) Horlicks University was where the Crate was found. Halley found some mouse head clamps there.
137- (The Running Man) Ben Richards appeared on the show to earn money for medication for his daughter.
138- (The Running Man) Ben's mother was cremated in the Municipal Crematorium, as was his brother.
139- (The Running Man) Ben got an Axial charge card for identification from Molie Jernigan.
140- (Shawshank) Andy bought a poster of Rita Hayworth from Red.
141- (Shawshank) Though Red was able to get hold of most things, I don't think he'd get this book...
142- (Apt Pupil) Denker (Dussander) killed a stewbum with a butcher knife... he also liked steak, as there was some steak sauce on his bathrobe.
143- (Apt Pupil) Todd killed some animals... does this include moles? (??)
144- (Apt Pupil) Dussander drank Ancient Age Bourbon. Not sure where Edie's Liquors comes in.
231 (remember little Georgie's arm in IT?)
238 (again from IT)
259 (even though this name occurs in IT, it is also a Lovecraft reference)
288 (this is an off-topic check--Locus is big sf/fantasy magazine)
309 (this is Paul Sheldon's book--Lloyd Currey is a well-known book dealer)
312 (read the book--this is a bad joke)
340 (David Arnovitz is a well-known sf bk. dealer)
344 (Don Westlake first used the name Stark in early novels)
354 (Aftermath is King's first work, written with friend Chris Chesley when they were schoolboys)
360 (Joe is the baby in Blaze)
364 (an early unpublished King work)
365 (an early unpublished King work)
367 (an early unpublished King work)
369 (King's first published story)
385 (Bev--you should get this one easy) (I presume this refers to The Plant - Jon)
393 (this is an actual poem by Steve King that appeared in his college literary magazine, Onan. It is the actual first appearance of our friend, Randall Flagg)
395 (this was a book published by Doubleday and edited by Jim Charlton that featured the worst puns from writers--the title is taken from the punchline from Steve King's story)
397 (this is a particularly odious reference to "Dedication")

PLEASE NOTE AT THIS TIME: All references to "Claudia" are about Claudia Inez Bachman, the "wife" of Richard Bachman and the person who found the REGULATORS manuscript.

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