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After some discussion on alt.books.stephen-king I've decided it would be fun to have a list of relevant dates from Stephen King books. If there's one you know of that isn't in the list below, please mail me. Many thanks to all who have contributed (esp. Bev and Terry).

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1 Charlie Norton finds Carol Dunberger's body (1975) (DZ)
2 Annie Wilkes marries Ralph Dugan (1979) (Misery)
2 Entry First Derry Interlude (1985) (IT)
9 Stu and Tom get back to Boulder (1986) (The Stand)
23 Johnny goes gunning for Stillson (DZ)
28 Grand Opening of Answered Prayers in Junction City, Iowa (Needful Things)
29 Nursery deaths at Boulder Hospital begin (1982) (Misery)
29 Norma Crandall passes over (Pet Sematary)


1 date on scrapbook clipping "Multimillionaire Exec to Sell Colorado Investments" (1952) (The Shining)
14 Fiona Coggins is reported missing (1976) (Salem's Lot)
14 Love comes for Stella Flanders (Cycle of the Werewolf) 20 Mike Hanlon starts writing about the fire at the Black Spot (1985) (IT)
27 John Farrington is found dead in his barn (1976) ('Salem's Lot)


12 Andy Dufresne escapes from prison (Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption)
20 David McCarron's birthday ("teller of the tale" in The Breathing Method)
23 Margaret marries Ralph White (1962) (Carrie)
24 Last Happy day in Louis Creed's life (1984) (Pet Sematary)
24 Charlie McGee's Birthday (Firestarter)
25 Annie Wilkes taxes due (Misery)
27 The shop catches Charlie McGee (Firestarter)


1 Annie Wilkes' birthday (Misery)
3 Margaret White admitted to hospital for "suspected" miscarriage (1962) (Carrie)
6 date Sam's library books are due (1981) (The Library Policeman)
7 Ardelia Lortz leaves a message on Sam's answering machine (1981) (The Library Policeman)
11 Dave Duncan is buried (1981) (The Library Policeman)
14 Zelda Goldman dies (Pet Sematary)
30 Backout date (The Long Walk)


1 Todd decides to kill Dussander (Apt Pupil)
The Walk begins (The Long Walk)
2 Dussander's regiment surrenders to American Forces (1945) (Apt Pupil)
12 The Overlook opens for the season (The Shining)
14 Gage Creed dies (Pet Sematary)
17 Gage Creed's funeral (1984) (Pet Sematary), 17 Annie Wilkes graduates from nursing school (1966) (Misery), 17 John Smith comes out of his coma (1975) (The Dead Zone)
23 Thad Beaumont is profiled in "People" (The Dark Half)
27 Ewen High School Senior Prom (1979) (Carrie)
28 Carrie dies (1979) (Carrie)
28 Mike Hanlon makes six phone calls (1985) (IT)
29 Bev and others are on their way back to Derry (1985) (IT)
31 IT dies (1985) (IT)


1 Homer Gamache buys the farm (The Dark Half)
1/2 3 mass burials of Chamberlain's dead (1979) (Carrie)
3 date of the memorial service for Chamberlain's dead (1979) (Carrie)
4 Mrs. Elaine Tremont has a heart attack (1976) ('Salem's Lot)
13 The virus gets out (1985) (The Stand)
14 Expected date for Lucy Swann's baby (1986) (The Stand)
16 A bat bites Cujo (Cujo)
17 Rain of killer toads every 7 years (Rainy Season)
18 an old man in a T-bird gives Trashcan Man a lift (1985) (The Stand)
19 The Crate is shipped to Horlicks U. (1834) (Creepshow)
19 Eddie Corcoran dies (1958) (IT)
20 Father's Day! (Creepshow)
21 Bobbi Anderson "stumbles over her destiny" (The Tommyknockers)
23 Andrew Poke Freeman is "pokerized" (The Stand)
23 Chuck Chatsworth graduates from high school (1977) (The Dead Zone)
27 John Gardner jumps off the New England Poetry Caravan (The Tommyknockers)
28 Power goes off in Ogunquit, ME (1985) (The Stand)
29 Lloyd catches a rat and saves it for a snack (The Stand)


1 Fran and Stu head back to Maine from Nebraska (1986) (The Stand)
2 Harold and Fran leave Ogunquit (1985) (The Stand)
3 Lloyd eats the rat (1985) (The Stand)
3 Nick Andros starts for Nebraska (1985) (The Stand) 4 Meteor lands in Jordy Verrill's back yard (Creepshow)
4 Larry Underwood wakes up to find that Rita has committed suicide (1985) (The Stand)
7 Jesus talks to 'Becka (Revelations of 'Becka Paulson/The Tommyknockers)
9 Night Flier kills Claire Bowie ("Night Flier", N&D)
14 Charity Camber wins the lottery (Cujo)
15 Timmy Baterman dies (1943) (Pet Sematary)
17 Hilly Brown 'loses' his little brother (The Tommyknockers)
17 The Smoke Hole Ceremony (1958) (IT)
19 The Mist rolls in (The Mist)
19 papers announce Annie Wilkes arrest for the murders at Boulder Hospital)
20 We meet Mother Abigail (1982) (The Stand)
20 Henry Bowers breaks Eddie Kaspbrak's arm (1958) (IT)
20 Delores Claiborne leads her husband to his death (1963) (Dolores Claiborne)
21 Adrian Mellon is killed (1984) (IT)
23 The Loser's Club makes silver slugs (1958) (IT)
24 William Garin sends a postcard to his sister Audrey Wyler on the same day they visited Desperation (1994) (The Regulators)
25 Bev shoots It with the silver slugs (1958) (IT)
28 Harold leaves a thumbprint in Fran's diary (The Stand)
30 All hell breaks loose in Haven (The Tommyknockers)
30 William Garin (42), his wife June(40) and two kids John(12) and Mary Lou (10) killed in suspected gang drive-by. (1994) (The Regulators)


5 Charlie McGee loses her mother (Firestarter)
7 Trashy meets Flagg (The Stand)
10 Newspaper article about High Country Investments buying the Overlook (1963) (The Shining)
12 Hubie Marsten dies (Salem's Lot)
14 Cora Newwll "flashes" Gary Paulsen (1923) ("It Grows On You", N&D)
17 Stones fall on Margaret White's house (Carrie)
18 First meeting of Free Zone to elect representatives (1985) (The Stand)
19 Odetta Holmes loses both of her legs (1959) (The Drawing of the Three)
19 Stan and Patty Uris' wedding day (1972) (IT)
27 Judge Deleavary signs Charlie Decker's commitment papers (1976) (Rage)
29 The masked ball at the Overlook (1945) (The Shining)


2 date visualized by John Smith while holding a picture of Dr. Weizak's mother (1939) (The Dead Zone)
4 The second Free Zone meeting (1985) (The Stand)
5 First attempt to get Boulder's power back on (1985) (The Stand)
5 The boys find the body (The Body)
9 Annie Wilkes stands trial for 8 counts of murder (1982) (Misery)
15 Kevin Delavan's birthday (The Sun Dog)
15 Red receives a blank postcard from McNary, Texas (1975) (Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption)
15 Jack Sawyer's journey begins (1981) (The Talisman)
19 Allen Symes dies of a heart attack (The Regulators)
21 Carrie White is born (1963) (Carrie)
21 At 1:10pm miners in Desperation broke through to a "cave" (1859) (Desperation)
21 Stephen King's birthday
24 Danny Glick disappears (Salem's Lot)
24 Glen, Larry, and Ralph camp 260 miles from Las Vegas (1985) (The Stand)
30 The Overlook closes for the season (The Shining)


6 Hubert Barclay Marsten is born (1889) (Salem's Lot)
8 Brian Rusk does business with Leland Gaunt (Needful Things)
8 Barlow gets the stake (Salem's Lot)
9 Needful Things opens in Castle Rock (Needful Things)
13 Wilma and Nettie duel to the death (Needful Things)
15 The end of Castle Rock (Needful Things)
19 Gerald gets kinky (Gerald's Game)
28 Annie Wilkes sets fire to an apartment building (1954) (Misery)
28 Thad Beaumont has brain surgery (1960) (Dark Half)
29 Johnny Smith's accident (The Dead Zone)
29 Frank Dodd murders Etta Ringgold (1975) (The Dead Zone)
30 John Smith goes into a coma that will last almost five years (1970) (The Dead Zone)
31 Sarah Hazlett gives birth to son, Dennis (1974) (The Dead Zone)


1 Christine becomes street legal (1978) (Christine)
4 Date of final letter from Charles Boone to Bones (1850) (Jerusalem's Lot)
12 Frank Dodd murders Alma Frechette (1970) (The Dead Zone)
14 Nick Andros is born (1963) (The Stand)
17 Frank Dodd murders Pauline Toothaker (1971) (The Dead Zone)


13 Annie Wilkes' case goes to the jury (1982) (Misery)
14 Andy McGee's birthday (Firestarter)
16 Frank Dodd murders Cheryl Moody (1971) (The Dead Zone)
16 headlines announce "Dragon Lady Innocent", the story of Annie Wilkes' acquittal (1982) (Misery)
17 Frank Dodd murders Mary Kate Hendrasen (1975) (The Dead Zone)
17 Frank Dodd commits suicide (The Dead Zone)
24 Sandra Stansfield's baby is born (The Breathing Method)
25 Dennis Guilder goes home from hospital (1978) (Christine)
27 Abigail Trotts performed at the Grange Hall (1895) (The Stand)

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