absk group story - week 9 entry

Jon R.

Then, suddenly, a large comet struck the earth and killed everyone mentioned in this tale.

One of the cows on the local quantum field mooed and said:
"Now, what did you moo and do that for?"
"Sorry, I had to sneeze," was the reply from Ard Cow, the unlucky beast.
"Oh, just as well," mooed the first one. "I don't think it was going anywhere anyhow."

There was a sharp light, psychedelic in nature.

"What did you moo?" asked Ard Cow.
"Oh, I saved mankind from the terrible repercussions of the comet disaster.Animalkind, too, come to think of it. And Animalbad, of course."
"Moo-wow!" exclaimed Ard, "that was really something. I could need some grass now."

She nodded towards a pile of hay conveniently located nearby.

"I wouldn't recommend that one, Ard," the wise cow mooed. "You see, I confined the disaster to a small quantum plane, containing the entire story with people and events and all...and then I tossed it into the straws."
"But I'm really in the MOOd for some grass, cow," Ard co(w)mplained.
"Oh, moo ahead then," came the reluctant answer. "It probably won't do any harm. The chances for you screwing up reality isn't much larger than finding a needle in a haystack."


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