absk group story


A group story has been written on alt.books.stephen-king. Each week, anyone could send a story segment to the judges, and the "winner" was posted on the group. The next week, the story continued from the end of that section. The winner and the other entries from each week are available on this page.

The story so far...


  1. Read the current story segment (NB - not up yet as no decisions have been made)
  2. Write about 1,000 words (though that's a very rough guide) as the next section of the story
  3. Before 10pm EST on Thursday, mail it to all of the below, preferrably in plain text form:
    Margo Townsend: townsend@nwidt.com
    Kim Murrell: kimm@mail.warped.com
    Me (Jon Skeet): jls20@thor.cam.ac.uk
    Ruth Jackelini (organiser and reserve judge): rjackelini@earthlink.net
  4. Watch the newsgroup and this web page to see the other entries and whether your entry was chosen this week.
  5. If you don't get chosen this time, please try again... the more entries the better!

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