Tony Capuano Jr

Tony's Piccy IRC nick: T.J.

Tony is 35 years old and single. He lives, rent free, in an apartment above the family glass shop. While he has no human children, he does have three cats: Shadow who is 14, Holly (Moochie) who is 7 and an 18lb Maine Coon named Nermal, who is 4.

He finds sleeping to be an inconvience, because it gets in the way of his hobbies: being online, collecting SK stuff and collecting Garfield. The high point in his King-related life was getting to see The Man himself on the Insomnia tour. Unfortunately, he couldn't work up the guts to ask a question.

Tony is fairly narrow minded in some regards concerning music. While he listens to everything from Gordon Lightfoot to Black Sabbath he has no use for Country, Dance and (Especially) Rap. He loves the Blues and Classic Rock and is somewhat stuck in the sixties and seventies. As far as he is concerned, the eighties didn't exist as a musical decade. The nineties are only half-bad.

He fancies himself a non-conformist but is writing this in the third person because everyone else did.

His homepage is The Garfield Trading Network.

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