Tinker's Piccy of
Roland Email: tinker@pathway.net

Hello I am tinker. My real name is Thom. I am 49 and have never been married. I live in a small town in western Pennsylvania, but work in Pittsburgh as an Applications Engineer.

The picture isn't me - it's my idea of how Roland of Gilead might look.

The screen name Tinker comes from the Spiderman comic books. I identify with the arch villain The Tinker. I keep going from one project to the next. I have even been known to finish one now and then.

I have worked all over the Eastern coast of America from Maine to Florida doing many different types of jobs. From Dishwasher to Construction worker to Technical director for a theater group, to Line Worker in a plastics factory, and many many more.

Hobbies include: Gun-smithing, Wood-butchering, Pot-throwing, Picture-taking, and of course King-reading.

My favorite King book is the one I am reading now. Whichever that one happens to be. I don't look for the deeper meaning in books I just like the ride they offer.

Other favorites include Dune, The Abyss, The Empire novels by Asimov, and any anthology I can get my hands on.

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