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Howdy folks! Mosey on in and set a spell at bar, old Crusty will pour you a sasspirilla whist we talk. My name is Tina and I am from the misty shores of Southern California...no wait, that isn't mist, it's smog. Rats. Anyway, a certain author by the name of Stephen King was a turning point in my young life. My sister gave me a copy of "Night Shift" to read. "It's weird" she commented, knowing my tastes. I was in love and never looked back. I learned to relish reading and getting absorbed in the tale and where it can take you....all in the safety of your own living room. I've been lucky enough to have met Stephen, have him sign a copy of Bag of Bones and speak with him very briefly at a reading and book signing in 1998. A dream come true.

I live with my fifteen year old daughter and joyfully work as an Instructional Assistant for an elementary school and in the afternoon at our City's Cultural Arts Center helping to plan and run classes. Now go home!<g>

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