Sven Anders

Sven's PiccyIRC nick: Superhero

Hi'ya. Well, here I am again. You know, this gallery is amazing. It's very nice to see the frequent posters on ABSK come to life on this page. It's fascinating because you all "look" so different to me when on the newsgroup since I can't actually see you when we're discussing this and that. Anyway, I'm Sven, as you should already know by now, and at the time of writing I'm 22 years old and living in Norway. I'm kind of opinionated, but I don't have as much time as I used to have to spend on the newsgroup.

Another Sven picOn the rare occasions I'm doing the IRC thing you'll find me as Superhero. This because of my undying love for the fabulous character of Superman. My childhood fascination for this character hasn't made it to the grown-up world, but the memories are still there. Oh, and that Crash Test Dummies song (Superman's song) always makes me go a little sappy.

Anyway, gotta say thanks to Skeet for putting this information up for me, and thanks everyone for making ABSK the finest newsgroup on the net.

- Sven

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