Stormy Stevens

Stormy's Piccy Email:

Yep, That's me, Stormy. Stormy is just my nickname. I got it when I was little because I suffered from radical mood swings. At the time, my family just blew it off as me being a "problem child" but years past and I, eventually, found out that I was a manic-depressive. No, No! Don't run away screaming! Its not contagious and I'm not crazy (some people who know me would, undoubtedly argue this point)! My birth name is Christina. Those who don't use my nickname call me Chris.

I'm an avid fan of Stephen King-the master of terror, IMO. My goal is to one day own all of his books in hard cover. I already have several and I also own several soft covered King books. My hobbies are reading, drawing and writing. I also dabble in HTML and creating homepages. You can see the first one I ever built at if you're interested. I am currently (9/98) working on three novels (writing them, that is.), who knows if I will ever finish any of them, but God-willing, I will. If they'll be any good or not, is another matter entirely.

I am happily married and have three sons. Within the next two years, my best friend that I refer to as my sister, will be surrogating for us. We are hoping for a daughter this time, but will be just as happy with another son. She told me when I had the hysterectomy when I was 21 that she'd do it for us when we were ready. Pretty neat, eh? We currently have a little cocker spanial mix named Scooby-Do. He is my baby and I spoil him rotten! I am a real animal lover.

Ummmm, let's see, what else? Oh yes, I am pretty open minded when it comes to MOST things, and I am very opinionated. Sometimes this gets me into some serious debates, but I don't mind. I make apologies when they are necessary. I love a good debate though. I've been a member of absk since 93 or 94, taking a leave of absence every now and then when necessary. I read other authors besides King, but above all, King is truely my favorite!!

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