Stephanie Morgan


At 12, I read The Stand first, hoping to fulfill a year's worth of reading assignments at school (they did it by number of pages), and stepped into a world that has been with me ever since. The Stand remains one of my favorite books to this day. My least favorite book is The Tommyknockers. For the future wars: I am a Dark Tower lover!

I'm married (7 years) to a wonderful man who only asks every two or three days, "exactly how many King books do you have?" The bad news - he's a huge reader, too. Not only do I have the King collection, but I read a lot of other authors that my husband doesn't read -- and he reads a lot of books that I don't read. Our house is overflowing with books - overtime we're out the old adage, "we can always find room for one more book, so why not five?" comes into play.

Other personal info:

We have 3 cats (Misty, Calaverous and Brooklyn). We live in Columbus, Ohio (imagine my suprise both with The Regulators and Everything's Eventual.)

I work for a captive finance company (for cars), but beyond the financial paperwork, we are a fun bunch. My current cube neighbor is trying to get me to cross over to the Clive Barker side (the other wishes I would take a small interest in sports - HA!).

After a start at Ohio State University majoring in English Literature (with a Creative Writing Emphasis), I am now back in school getting a "real degree" in Organizational Communications at Otterbein University. (I have been voted "most likely to go postal" at work on several occasions.) My goal is to graduate before 2000 (I'll be 32 then, you do the math).

On the ABSK front, I have recently won appointment as "Official Lounge Lizardess and Drink Tester" (thank you Dani). So, to all who want to know me better, it can easily be done over a few martinis or straight vodka.

This summer, my husband and I drove through New England and made a stop in Bangor. I have pictures of THE HOUSE and of Betts, and I was able to buy copies of W&G for both my father and myself. Pretty cool, eh?

My goal? I would love to hook up with a Stephen King fan in France and make arrangements to trade American editions for French editions - oh, heck, I'll take about any foreign language edition (my husband really only accepts the "well, I do speak French" excuse, but has accepted the German edition of Misery (Sie) and the Spanish edition of Eyes of the Dragon (Los Ojos del Dragon)).

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