Brief description of me, for anyone who cares (smile):

Seanette: 28, married since 1995, no children, one rather pampered cat [who even has an e-mail address and Web page]. Homemaker, husband is a computer programmer. Rather nocturnal by nature, but too fond of garlic to be a vampire. :-)

Addictions: the printed page [eclectic tastes, but King's been a favorite most of my literate life], chocolate.

Views on regular posters: disagree with various people on various fronts [the only King novel I can think of I didn't really like was "Tommyknockers", which did manage to be readable, but rather tedious, especially to a lifelong SF fan], but like most of the regulars well enough. Exceptions: Michael and Zera/Aldur, both of whom have inspired me to send pleading mail to AOL staff begging for killfiles to be added to the "newsgroup reader".

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