Robert Buice

IRC nick: BebopNBob

I am the channel manager for #s.king. I am 26 and working on a Ph.D. I have been reading specualtive fiction for 15 years and King for about six months and am known to drift between deep philosophy on alt.books.stephen.king and major silliness on #s.king; equally annoying at both.... My homepage is linked here.

a.b.s-k geek code:
DS+ BB+ TH FP NS SC+ ND SL+ DZ+ CJ DH NT ST++ DT+ ED+ IT+(++) IN+ CA CH- MI TK TA+ SH FI+ CY GG PS DC+ DE RG GM+ P- R++++ OT+ F N+ DK sk++(+++) C++ I+(++) GO OR- ot+++

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