Rita Johannessen

Rita's Piccy Email: Rita.Johannessen@redbarna.no

My name is Rita Johannessen, I live in Oslo, the capital of Norway where I work as an secretary in Norwegian Save the Children (Redd Barna). I'm 30 years young, still single and no kids. I love crazy humour like Monty Python (say no more, say no more...) and Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Bean) and I prefer action/horror/space movies (think I have seen Star Wars 50 times). I listen to all kind of music, except C&W. When I don't read or listen to music, I like to go out for a ride on my bike or a walk in the woods... or go to a bar/pub for a beer (I prefer Newcastle or the local Pale Ale)

You will always find me with a book in may hand, most probably a SK book, but I also read Dean Koontz, Clive Baker, Douglas Adams and whatever good (scary) books I may lay my hand upon.

My first SK book was Pet Sementry, and I was completely hooked!! Best SK book is The Stand (with The Dark Tower series right behind). Best SK movie is The Shawshank Redemption and the most scary is The Shining (IMO). Worst SK/RB book is the Roadwork (I've started on it 4 times and this last time I think I'll manage to finish it....)

You won't find me on IRC, but I'm on a.b.s-k every day except weekends.

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