Rick Quaadgras (RiQ)

Rick's Piccy
IRC nick: NZRiQ
Email: nzriq@hotmail.com

Rick Quaadgras left the Netherlands to live in New Zealand in 1992, selling all his Dutch versions of his Stephen King novels. Something that has been a hard thing to do.
He lives in Whakatane, New Zealand, with his wife (who really only liked the Stand) and a six month old son. He's 30, a graphic designer and cartoonist by profession and would love to make a King comic strip one day. He started reading SK with "Firestarter" in 1980 (?) - the Dutch version of course (ogen van vuur - Eyes of fire) and has been a fan of King ever since.
Even bought Tabitha Kings Novels... though hasn't read them ...yet...
Freaked out when -still young and impressionable- found out he shared his birthday, 21 September, with Stephen King (and Carrie White).

Started posting to absk not long ago... finds it hard to keep up with ALL those messages.... Especially being a selfemployed house husband with a baby to take care of, whilst mummy teaches science at local high school.

Favorite SK book: The Stand. Least Favorite: Insomnia.
Amongst all his collections of all sorts there is also a King file ofcourse, the bookcase has shelves dedicated to King and King related matters and there are also plenty of King video's amongst the "Q" house.

His dad sometimes called him "Q"-jo...

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