Tony Batres (Nuncle(me))


Greetings all. My actual name is Tony Batres, but if you've read my posts then you would know me by Nuncle(me). I am a 33yo guy living in the rather cold Anchorage, Alaska. I have lived here for about 28 yrs, which is kinda silly 'cause I've always hated winters! Oh well, too poor & lazy to move I guess. Anyway, in the few brief moments each day when I'm not on absk, I work at Sears Portrait Studio, which is fun a lot of the time, but can also be one of the most frustrating jobs on the planet! :) (A bit of advice for all you parents out there, if you want your kids to smile when they get pictures taken, DON'T spank them on the butt and tell them "Now you sit there and SMILE!") :) :)

I am also as yet unmarried and have no children of my own so of course I feel fully justified in putting in my two cents on all the various off-topic-topics that crop up on the ng from time to time. ^_^

I have been reading SK for about 15 yrs and, to a greater or lesser degree, have enjoyed all of his works. My favorite novel is, of course, The Stand and if you held a gun to my head and told me to pick my least favorite book, I guess I would have to say Cujo.

Well, I guess that's enough useless rambling for the time being, feel free to e-mail me whenever the mood strikes you, as I am one of those silly folks who foolishly put their real e-mail address in the space provided. Be seein' ya on the Net....

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