Sweetnik's Piccy Email:

Hmmmmm. These things are supposed to be interesting, right? Seeing as how I lead a rather boring life for the most part, you can rely on the fact that 90% of this will be lies or severe embellishments. But, being the naturally honest gal I am, I'll warn you of the lies somehow :) Boring Stuff first......My name is Nicole and I'm from Indiana. I have a husband and 2 kids...for now....who claim not only 99% of my time but my sanity as well. I love animals, books, sports, music, dancing. Everyone knows me as Nik, which, if I had a complex, would likely cause me to have gender issues :)

Ok...this is where I get to lie or embellish, right? Oh yeah.....I love this part. Let's see, I do childcare.....which is true. Lie: The kids are all angels, all the time. But, hey it's money. I also do freelance editing work for various publishing companies. I wish I could lie and say that I do editing for major authors, but the truth is, I get the works of new authors, many of whom have little or no talent. I'm not one to lie about books... some things are just sacriligious, ya know?

I'm 8' 9" and my friends all say that I dress and look like an Afghani Monk. Wait.....Monkess? Oh, who cares? I'll let you figure out the validity of that one yourself.

I live in the heart of the US in Indiana, which means that I'm surrounded by corn and generally bored to tears. I have the required # of animals for this state...minimum of which is 3. No one I know has less than 3 pets. Too bizarre. I felt like some kind of social deviant until I assumed the responsibility for a Golden Retriever pup, name: Jakophrades....... code name, Jake :) I also have an electrical cord eating rabbit named Jordan....after Michael Jordan and a *wanna-be-dog* cat named Jones.....after the cat in that one Alien movie.

I spend most of my free time picking my nose and making snot sculptures........ borrowed from Ren and Stimpy and also a lie. I also spend way too much time online, a someone from absk is fond of telling me. I like to stay active and when my children are behaving, therefore not giving me an excuse to climb trees to hang them from by their toes, I like to workout, go for walks, go dancing with friends, or walk around Indy in search of good body piercers :) No, I'm not a freak, as my picture will attest...... ok, so maybe not totally. And, if ya wanna know where, ya gotta ask.

I suppose I could stretch the agony of learning more about me on and on and on and on, but I won't. Suffice it to say that I generally consider myself to be sweet in many cases, old fashioned in most cases, and lovably sarcastic in all cases :) Gotta jet.

Nik~ <---- feel free to email at

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