Randall (Moonmoth)

Randall's Piccy IRC nick: Moonmoth
Email: moonmoth01@vom.com

"I was born in the cotton fields of Georgia. Folks always used to call me Patches." Well, not quite, I was born in Berkeley California in 1953, and the mother claimed I was really from a big city on Mars, then told me I could adapt.

I still wonder if she was right.

I write science fiction, mysteries, horror, California history, and computer stuff when not working with networks (the day job). Currently, I am displaced in Western Ohio, a self styled Roman helping to bring the net to the provinces.

I am a die hard fan of Stephen King, and have read all the novels of him and his evil twin, and most of the short stories. My favorites vary, but I think The Shining and 'Salem's Lot find their way in to my favorites more than some. My least favorite is probably Tommyknockers, because I have only read it 3 times.

I am an occasional poster to absk, but can often be found in #s.king on Undernet, where I host Horror Chat on Saturdays at 1:00pm Pacific Time.

I sometimes sleep there on a couch in the back room.

I am just a drab moth, but, still, someday I hope for a break between crises.

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