Age: Old, very old
Having been reading SK for more than twenty years Been more or less lurking on ABSK for about three years. I don't post much but enjoy reading others' comments. Like to jump in once in a while.
Home: Southern California foothill community
Married practically forever.
Have three adult kids, two of whom are Sk fans Also read Dean Koontz occasionally, as well as Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, and many others. Voracious reader. Went through Swan Song in one day. Thought that McCammon's horror was more black and horrible than SK's Stand which is and always will be my favorite King novel, abridged or uncut, either one. Second is the Dark Tower series but I fear I won't live to read the final outcome. I am also a big fan of the Left Behind series and just order Volume 7 which comes out tomorrow.

Anything else you want to know, just mail me.

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