Marie-Claude Bernier

Marie's Piccy IRC nick: Bubble

Greetings everyone!! I am Marie-Claude Bernier, a 21 years old college student, living in a little town of the suburbs of Montréal in Québec, Canada. Yes! It is true! I am a francophone (if u dont know what that is, check your dictionary!) and sometimes I say stupid things or make a lot of mistakes while writing english. I've been asked a lot of times how my first name is pronounced. Here it goes: My name is not pronouced Mary Cloud (like some of u might think!) but much more like Mah-Ree Clod! If u ever speak to me on the phone, please dont laugh at my quebeccer accent!! I was just born that way!!!

I have a public statement to make: I am an horror literature and an IRC addict!! But since I have a large family, who is also addicted to IRC!, sometimes I have to fight them off the computer with a stick! I am telling you this because you could occasionaly meet my mother and brother (Carolle aka Margotte and Marc-André aka Trickster) in #S.King.

I have quite a lot of ambitions in life... I want to open myself a library when I graduate. I'd love to visit all my friends on the SK channel!!! And finally, but not the least of my ambitions, I want to write a book with my quotes that make the channel's topics!!! So if ever you are around, please give my quotes a little help with that!! I would appreciate it!! :)

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