Margo Townsend

Margo's Piccy Email:

Greetings from Northwest Iowa, home of corn and cows. I've been (mostly!) happily married to Mr. Margo (John) for 13 years. Daughter Makala has gone off to college this year. Our niece Saidee (now 3) is a big part of our lives. She is quite the child. Wise well beyond her years - keeps us in stitches most of the time.

I work for the US Postal Service, but do *not* own any automatic weapons! ;-) I'm the Postmaster in a small neighboring town, about 5 miles down the road. Started my career ten years ago, and have been a Postmaster for 9 of those 10 years.

My favorite author is Stephen King (of course). I also enjoy reading Tom Clancy, Tabitah King, Peter Straub, John Saul and Dean Koontz (what is that hissing noise I hear?). Actually, I enjoy reading any kind of suspense, horror, fantasy or science fiction.

Another thing that keeps me busy is bowling. I am the secretary-treasurer of the two leagues in which I bowl. Also serve as Association sec-tres for the local youth leagues, am a youth bowling coach, a director on the State Youth Bowling board of directors and the State Director of the Coca-Cola Youth bowling Championships (over 1900 entrants this year). Keeps me hopping! To me, staying busy = staying young. I think I get younger every year. ;)

I have a homepage Nik has put up for me, too.

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