Lori Lang

Lori's Piccy Email: l.lang@sympatico.ca

Hi all! I'm Lori Lang from Ontario, Canada. I've been on ABSK since about '94 and posting pretty regularly since '96. I enjoy ABSK for the people as much as I do for the Stephen King content. I just love getting to know King fans from all over the world.

I post off topic more than on, but I read a lot of the on topic stuff. I like to read other's opinions about the books, but I don't get into the discussions. I'd rather just enjoy the stories without picking them apart too much. But if you start a thread on a controversial social issue I'll be right there!

This is me while on a learn to sail course in Florida. Don't I look like I'm having fun? My husband Dave and I just bought a sailboat this summer (98) and have had a terrific time with it. We also enjoy traveling as much as possible, and we're both very avid photographers.

See you in ABSK!

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