Lisa Weber

Lisa's Piccy Email:

Anyway, Lisa Weber here, 25, an army paramedic in Hawaii. My favorite King book is IT and my least favorite is Night Flier ( I know, Short Story). I have no opinion on the movies because I avoid them whenever possible. I have been on absk for a year now. My pets are Axel, Buddy, Nani, Bear, Kapi'i, Fuzz, Buzz, Picasso and Flapjack. That's 5 dogs (no ankle-biters), three cats and one rabbit respectively. So, what can you tell about a person by knowing what they name their pets? My husband is John and he graciously puts up with my (obsessive?) reading habits though I have heard the phrase "But you already read that book!" more than once. (He just doesn't understand the need to read)(but of course he is perfect in every other way).

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