Kim M.

Kim's Piccy IRC nick: Kim_M

Kim hails from Memphis, TN. She is 26, married to Dan, and the mother to the cutest little boy in the world, Jareth Roland. (Yes, he was named after the Gunslinger.) She is also "mommy" to 4 cats (Ringo, Boo Kitty, Lucy, and Jellybean) and a guinea pig (Pink).

She was an Anthropology major until little Jareth came along and she decided to take some time off the raise the kid. <g> She now spends what free time she has listening to music (Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, John Prine, and They Might Be Giants are her current favs), playing the Playstation, watching her lava lamp, expanding her rock collection (she's an outrageous rockhound), spending _way_ too much time on-line, watching Monty Python, and of course reading...especially horror anthologies and anything Stephen King. Oh, and I almost forgot...writing in third person. Kim really likes that. <G>

Kim's favorite SK novel is IT followed closely by The Green Mile and The Regulators. Her least favorite is...well, she doesn't have one. She really likes them all.

Her favorite Sk movie is Shawshank Redemption, followed closely by Stand By Me and The Stand mini-series. Her least favorite movie is definitely Gravyard Shift. Perfectly awful movie, IHO.

Kim has a homepage at

Kim realy loves absk. It's her favorite place on the net, with the possible exception of #S.King. She hopes to see you all there. :-D

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