Judy's Pic IRC nick: Jude
Email: jraneri788@aol.com, or jraneri@tenet.edu, or jraneri@swbell.net

Hi! My name is Judy. I am from Houston, TX, and teach special education in a local high school. I lost my husband nearly 6 years ago. But I also have two lovely daughters, Maggie, age 22, a student, and Leslie, age 25, a social worker in Chicago. These two are my most precious gifts. I also have four wonderful step-children. Marci, at age 40, is a computer graphics specialist in Florida, Mark would have been 39, if he hadn't died four years ago, Tina, 38, is a draftsperson in North Carolina, and Tony, 37, who also lives in North Carolina, is in construction. These six wonderful adult children are very special to me. My favorite author is Stephen King, and my favorite book by him is Rose Madder. I am a voracious reader, so have other authors that I follow and read their books. I love Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles and Witching Hour Trilogy. Brian Lumley was a master with his Necroscope series about vampires. I became interested in Peter Straub when he and Stephen King collaborated in The Talisman, and continued to read his books. And also love Clive Barker, for his fantasy books. I'm presently reading Sacrament. I love all the people on #s.king on Undernet, indeed, they have become like an extended family for me. I have virtual sons, daughters, and sisters on this wonderful channel.

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