Janet Aldrich

Email: jmacleve@aol.com

My name's Janet Aldrich. I'm 36, a native of Northeast Ohio and married with 2 1/2 cats (the half-cat is Shadow, who's also half-human, or wants to be). The more "normal" (is there such a thing with cats?) cats are Lynx, and Simba a/k/a Doodlebug, who loves to sit on a tall ledge in the hall and scare us half-to-death at night by patting our shoulders when we go by. No kids yet, so I expend my (not) prodigous spare time reading and posting to absk. Haven't made it to #s.king when anyone else is there, but one of these days ...

I'm also the group's token vocal evangelical Christian (yes, some of us do read Stephen King) and I love sparring with those in the group who don't always agree with my views. We gotta lotta good people here and the debates are always worthwhile.

I spend the rest of whatever spare time I have left reading --- King, of course, and Christian fiction, homilies and apologetics, period mysteries (Anne Perry, Ellis Peters and Lynda S. Robinson, among others), historical fiction and classic books (Austen, etc.) I've been reading Mr. King's books since Carrie came out in paperback. A friend lent it to me and I was hooked instantly.

Please feel free to e-mail me at jmacleve@aol.com.

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