Jan Junod

Jan's Piccy Email: catlady@scn.org

I am a Data Control Tech at the Univ of Wash in Seattle. I moved to Seattle because I love fog and rain. I am the mother of sons Mike (age 33) and Kelly (age 30), and slave to my 5 cats Garfield (as seen on photo), Animal, George Bernard Pshaw, MomCat & Ripple. I am also a Deadhead, having seen most of my Dead shows with my son, Kelly.

Fave SK book: IT, with The Stand a close second. Other fave authors are Tom Robbins, Dave Barry, and Douglas Adams. I am currently enjoying my second childhood, because my first one was too much like Carrie White's. I've been on on SK since first picking up Carrie the week it came out. I once discovered the meaning of life, but I forgot to write it down.

My idea of a great weekend is doing the New York Times crossword puzzle in ink.

a.b.s-k geek code:
IT++++ ST+++ TA++ P+ R++ OT+ F N+ DK++++ sk+++ ps+ dk ep++ ar- ac+++ C++ I++ GO---- V++++ OR- ot+++

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