Email: Dmarkis2@aol.com

Hey, my name is Jackie aka Satan or Lazy Bones(don't ask) Umm... What can I say? Well I am 14 years old and I love to write (horror)but I haven't published any yet. I love to sleep, sometimes till 3 in the afternoon or until my parents tell me to get up. I live in Wilmington, NC and have read almost all of Stephen King's books, hoping to start a collection of nothing but paperback books of his. My first book was Desperation and I went on from there. I guess that reading that reading that book was what first encouraged me to write. My fav. so far is Hearts in Atlantis and the one that I am currently reading right now is Bag of Bones. I like Heavy Metal ( surf 107.5) and R&B(coast 97.3) I am looking forward to reading his upcoming book DreamCatcher and I swear if he dies I will go completely insane! I am stuck in a hole w/ my parents and my two sisters, not to mention my 4 dogs (Jerry, Teddy.Bo, and Scooby)

Any1 who wants to rescue me please e-mail me!! :-)

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