Ivy Lee

(call her "Lori" only at your peril)
Ivy's webcam piccy IRC nicks: Ivy_Lee, Pazuzu, and about twenty more
Email: defrocked@priest.com

Hi! I'm Ivy, and I have become a disgustingly happy bunny of late. I like Stephen King, obviously, among a list of writers (of various genres) whom it would give me carpal tunnel syndrome to list here. My favorite King works are Cujo, The Dead Zone, and The Talisman. I have a degree in English from Furman University, and enjoy most anything to do with reading, writing, or computers. I don't post often on ABSK, but when I do, I usually run on at the keyboard for hundreds of lines in a sort of letter-to-the-editor style. I suspect it scares people, but I can't seem to help it.

These days: less Usenet, more IRC. I hang out on the DALnet channel #s.king and on a channel on EFnet that's SECRET. I spend a lot of quite nonproductive time chatting, but I consider it my social life. Horror!

Currently I'm also on a DIY binge. I may have invoked my inner Martha Stewart because I am getting married: this is scheduled for 9 September, 2000 in a park near my home. The groom is, coincidentally, named Stephen. We met on IRC (it was convenient, as we live 4,000 miles apart). No, neither of us turned out to be an axe murderer. Why would anyone murder a perfectly good axe?

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