Fred Blum

Fred's Piccy IRC nicks: Couchtattie, Pilgrim, Sage

I'm Fred. I'm a 29 year fan of the books of P. Straub, S. King, and C. Barker. My favorite books are The Talisman and Contact by C. Sagan.

I'm interested in eastern philosophy, information technology, art, photography and generally in people. I'm a business school graduate and currently employed as a Business Unit Manager of a technical trading company. I've a tendency to devour allmost any book in my field of interest. My favorite places are The Highlands and Edinburgh. I really enjoy Billy Connolly and Monthy Python. I've got a wide musical taste. I'm a fan of New Model Army and like Celtic folk music, The Doors, Pearl Jam, Simple Minds, and many many others. I love the King discussion and abSK is the best place for it. After a few sessions on #s.king I'm now officially addicted :-)

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