Eva (Dollfin330)

Eva's Piccy Email: Dollfin330@aol.com

Hi All...

I'm Eva, AKA Dollfin330.

I started reading King when I was 17, my first book was Pet Semetary. The Stand is my favorite, fallowed by the Dark Tower series and Pet Semetary.

Im married for 7 years to John. We have 3 beautiful Kids. Steven 7, Matthew 5 , and Nikki (not Nicole) 4.

I love Dolphins, hence the Screen Name. I think they're the most beautiful creatures God has created, and for some strange reason, I cry whenever I see one.

Metallica and Ozzy are my favorite bands. I've had Metal streaming through my blood since I was 17.

Hope this info gives you some insight as to what youre dealing with when you see me on the newsgroup =).

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