Donna Gerhart

absk nick: Anasazi

I'm Donna Gerhart, 40 years old, a housewife, who much prefers "Domestic Goddess", thank you. My nick on both #s.king and absk is Anasazi.

I'm an X-Phile, Twin Peaks fanatic, and an Aquarian, (which should speak volumes) with a very weird sense of humor. I've been called rude and crude, which tickles me to no end. My favorite SK book is The Stand, with Desperation running a close second. Other authors I enjoy are Anne Rice and John Updike. (He's from my home town)

My husband, Jeff and I are married 21 years, we have 1 daughter, Kelby...19, and 4 dogs. I like anything weird, twisted, bizarre and perverted...that's why I married Jeff. I've been a cook, bookkeeper, dog groomer, caterer, kitchen designer, worked in the construction field (which could account for the rude and crude remark), and damn near everything else in-between. At the moment, I'm in self-imposed semi-retirement, which I enjoy way too much.

As an avid TV and movie nut, my head is filled with all sorts of useless trivia. I am constantly surprised when I can remember my own name. I paint watercolor portraits of Native Americans, and if I could get off my butt and away from this keyboard, maybe I could finish some of them.

As you can plainly tell, nothing holds my interest for very long, except this damn computer and Stephen King's books.

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