IRC Nick: Jadelight
Email: Dawnb@nbnet.nb.ca

I am a working mother (40+) happily married to SparkPlug (also a regular on #s.king). We have four kids between us. (3 mine, 1 ours). I live in New Brunswick, Canada. I have been a SK fan since I went to university. (and that's been awhile) I have read almost all of his books with the exception of the Dark Tower series. I like them all! Other fav authors are Robin Cook and Mary Higgins Clark also a little Dean Koontz. But no one can get you inside the character's head like King can!

I don't have much time for hobbies - most days are spent trying to keep up with 4 kids and did I forget to mention a hyper dog? - but if I did they would be: skiing, softball, swimming, horseback riding and chatting on IRC with all you wonderful people! Hope to see you on #s.king soon!

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