Darren Peace

Darren's Piccy IRC nick: DarrenP
Email: dpeace@flat7.demon.co.uk

I cannot tell a lie - I am a four-foot three congenital Peter Straub enthusiast, who has been known to review films, write fiction, play in several bands and do a variety of unsavoury computery things. I am 31, married to Teresa, and our three-year-old daughter Madeline provided the astonishingly lifelike representation of me you can see to your left. My arms, in case you wondered, are clasped behind my back.

The dark red colour of my hair, in conjunction with my pallid complexion and single eyebrow, would have resulted in certain enlightened people in Eastern Europe insisting that I should be trussed and left on a hillside to die of exposure as a werewolf. Whenever the Peace family holiday in the vicinity of the Wallachian Alps, therefore, I wear a balaclava at all times. I have six fingers on my left hand, and have also read one or two William Goldman novels. I am sometimes seized by an uncontrollable urge on IRC - I would advise caution if I metamorphose into Monobrow...

Stephen King has provided me with enormous enjoyment and entertainment since I bought "The Shining" when it was first released in paperback. I am especially grateful for "The Stand", "Pet Sematery", the Bachman books and "Different Seasons".

Over and out.

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