Bryan Byun

Bryan's Piccy Email:

As the photo will attest, Bryan Byun (aka Dark Penguin) has been known to take his fascination with Stephen King to unhealthy lengths. A resident of Southern California, Byun is a college student -- when he can find time between heated off-topic a.b.s-k. debates -- and has even been known to read a Stephen King novel on occasion. Most of Byun's time, however, is spent explaining where he came up with the nickname "Dark Penguin":
"Last night, I burned all my plays and poetry. Ironically, as I was burning my masterpiece, Dark Penguin, the room caught fire, and I am now the object of a lawsuit by some pen named Pinchunk and Schlosser. Kierkegaard was right."

-- Woody Allen, Without Feathers

For a better idea of who Bryan is, and why he is perhaps better left alone, visit his Generic home page at:

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