Brad Dancer


I'm Brad, a long-time (relatively speaking) fan of King's starting with my first book, Firestarter. It, the Stand, Eyes of the Dragon and the Dark Tower series remain my favorites. I also enjoy a variety of other authors, but spend most of my time reading magazines (Time, Icon, movieline, Persistence of Vision, Dog Fancy, TV trade magazines, among some others).

Currently, I am Director of Research & Marketing for the FOX station in the Nation's (U.S. that is) capital. Basically I spend a lot of time looking at ratings. I'm obsessed with Paul Simon's music and Cary Grant films. I also enjoy building doll houses (hey, we all have to have a hobby, right?), collecting animation cels, developing B&W film and otherwise wasting my money. I just celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary in April 98 and my only dependent right now is my Chow/Schipperke mix dog, Poppins (named after Mary Poppins). Otherwise I try to enjoy life as best I can and not let people annoy me.

I'm an on and off poster on the newsgroup, generally I don't stay too long on any thread and post pretty generic comments, but every once in awhile I take the time to write something useful!

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