Bev Vincent

Bev's Piccy IRC nick: DrBev

Bev Vincent (aka web-server-account) has been accused of being one of the absk old-timers, and that may be true. He has also been accused of being a woman, which is most definitely NOT true. It's also been suggested that he is Stephen King, Tabitha King, David King, Ben E. King and/or King George VI, none of which is true.

Bev lives in The Woodlands, TX, a community just north of Houston, with his wife (who gracefully tolerates his SK collection) and a nine year old daughter. He's 35, a crystallographer and computer programmer by profession, mostly to support his habit of collecting rare and expensive SK books. And also to feed his family, of course. He started reading SK with "Salem's Lot" in 1979 and has been hooked ever since. His collection of signed SK books is extensive and he loves to gloat over them like Scrooge over a pile of gold, often staying up late at night fondling their covers.

He posts to absk too damn much and has taken to referring to himself in third person. One of these days he going to finish that novel...

Favorite SK books: IT and The Stand. Least Favorite: Needful Things and The Tommyknockers. Prized collectable: All three parts of The Plant. (Editor's note: if anyone knows where Bev keeps them (or gets his information!) I wanna know about it.)

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