Benjamin Denes

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IRC nick: Brigand

Hello there, stranger! So good to see you! Please, sit down, grab a beer and let us chat for a while. I have the time. Of course, I will have to eventually leave. My quick-draw arm and sheer killing instinct have made me a popular man, having on many occasions been hired as a body gaurd, bounty-hunter, even assassin...well, that's not all true. In fact, none of it is true. But didn't it get you interested?

Actually, I am Benjamin Denes, who currently lives in Canada and attends community college here. I am a great fan of Stephen King, having finally accomplished what some would consider unaccomplishable and read all of his published works. "The Stand" is my all-time fave, but nothing can compare to the Dark Tower series! Damn if King dies before the end! I love Twin Peaks, bizarre films, and am an obsessed fan of U2. Hope to see y'all on #s.king on IRC! There. We aren't strangers now, are we?

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