Arthur Leong

IRC Nick: Art_L

Hi, my name is Arthur Leong, and I live in the city of Millbrae, California, right next to the city where Mike Bender lives, which is Burlingame. Heya Mike! I am 11 years old, played the violin for about 2 years now, almost 3, a yellow belt in Shotokan Karate. My fav SK novel is Salem's Lot, I haven't yet found a better one, still searching. I would like to say a special hi to all my pals in #s.king: {{{{{{{Hi Ivy_Lee, Jeff_N, Robert_, Jude, Bethie, Mykle, CatsPaw, Caver, Bubble, ManOSteel, and, um...all you other peoplez.}}}}} Many hugs to all.

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