Antti Matikka

Andy's Piccy IRC nick: Andy

Antti Matikka is not currently IRCing due to the line costs in Finland. He is one of those who think IT is better than The Stand, and in his spare time he converts absk'ers to rec.pets.cats. He has a homepage too.

a.b.s-k geek code:
TH+++ SL++CJ- DH+ NT++ ST+++ D1>++ D2++ D3+++ ED+ IT++++ IN++ MI++ TK+++ TA++++ SH++ FI+ GG-- PS+++ DC- RM+ DE++ RG+ GM+ P++ R+++ OT++ F-- N++ DK++ sk++ ps+ dk- !ds (!)rc+ oc+ ar- C++++ I++ OR+ ot+++

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