New Members' Guide To alt.books.stephen-king

Dear New Person

Welcome to alt.books.stephen-king, we are glad you're here, and we welcome your input. We hope you will stay with us. This letter is to help you understand us better.

We are a very broad scope un-moderated news group. Our main focus is of course all things Stephen King. We are also a social group and you are likely to find many different topics here that have nothing to do with Stephen King.

In the past these different topics have created some problems for "newbies" to ABS-K. You will find lots of off topic (OT) posts on this group. Pointing them out or complaining about them is considered bad form, and is not likely to win you any friends.

We are liberal in our attitudes on posting topics, and are quite friendly. We ask that you do not post binaries to this group. But, other than that you are invited to pick a topic and join in.

We recommend reading the ABS-K FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which is available in hypertext form as well as being posted every week to the newsgroup.

There is also a FAQ for those who are new to news groups. It contains all sorts of tips and advice for proper etiquette while using news groups. It is designed to help you avoid making social blunders. This FAQ is available via e-mail from the ABSK Information Officers. The Information Officers are here to answer general questions about ABSK. Just ask.

Information Officers do not moderate they just help out with questions.

Please allow a day or two for replies. - Peter - Jean - Lori - Seanette - Thom

Thanks and welcome
The Regular Posters at ABS-K

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