A Bloodless Shade of Pale

Stevie Canuck posted this on absk a while ago...

It skipped the Danse Macabre
Turned some bodies on the floor
I was feeling kinda queasy
As the blood poured out the door
My head was pounding harder
As my mind just flew away
When I called out for someone to help
The demon brought a tray

And so it was, that later
As the demon showed its blade
That my face at first just bloodless
Turned a whiter shade of pale

It said there is no reason
And your fate is plain to see
Take a wander through your memories
And get down on your knee
So I knelt among the bodies
Blood there was from coast to coast
It pinned my eyes wide open
And I could not force them closed

And so it was that later
As the demon flicked its blade
and skipped the Danse Macabre
I drained a whiter shade of pale

Stevie C

(with apologies to Gary Brooker, Keith Reid and the rest of Procol Harum, and JS Bach too I suppose)

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