Stormy's Poems

The King's Tale

--by Stormy Stevens, Copyright 1998

A King was born in '47 in the land of Maine.
His parents prayed for happiness, the child prayed for Blaine.

The child grew into a man of dark and horrid taste, he was not at all
like the others when he told of the lands of waste.

Carrie came into his life while his students studied grammer, who would
have known that eventually Nurse Wilkes would use the sledge hammer?

'Salam's Lot springs to mind when we think of haunts, did you know the
Pet Sematary is just, from here, a little jaunt?

The King took The Shining and then he took The Stand to spread his word
of terror far across the land.

Standing in the street one day, the King looked into the drain and
Pennywise leered up at him and said, "We all float in vain."

When the King went to The Dead Zone, the Firestarter he did seek, but
what he found instead was that Cujo could not speak.

Roland came unto the King and many gifts he bared, from his trusty
revolvers to David in the air.

When the King tired and could walk no more, Christine came around and
opened up her door.

The King rode in style, the King rode in grace, he loved to imagine and
he respected his Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

Looking through The Eyes of the Dragon, the King did see far and wide,
he decided to take The Long Walk, just to bide his time.

Dolores Claiborne loved the King and so did Rose Madder, but the King
loved Tabitha and she loved him although at times he was a mad hatter.

The King worked The Night Shift with his Skeleton Crew, he knew that his
adventures were far from being through.

Through the Different Seasons with Danse Macabre he did dance until The
Tommyknockers called for him and gave him another chance.

With head hung low but his spirits high he looked upon the Sleepwalkers
and did plea, "Its only Four Past Midnight and its time for The Drawing of Three!"

The Dark Half of his Golden Years were lost in a Cat's Eye, he looked
upon his subjects and knew he'd somehow get by.

The Cycle of the Warewolf took our King by surprize. He looked at The
Talisman and ordered a Maximum Overdrive.

"The Silver Bullet did not work!" Gerald cried in Desperation. "Then be
rid of him my Running Man," our King cried with elation.

"What a Creepshow this life is," the King said as he grew Thinner, "The
Regulators are in a Rage and everyone is bitter."

"Its time the Roadwork began", the King proclaimed to his mate,"The
Green Mile will just seem longer the more that we wait."

"But I'm Needful of Things," Tabitha did cry, "and this Insomnia is
doing me in by and by."

"Then go talk to our Wizard in the Glass, for he knows the answers to
your riddles so no more will you ask."

The subjects were at work and Tabitha was in a trance. The King sat down
and began to write and he wrote with elogence.

"I am the King, the master of terror, of this I have been told. i should
write and never stop, not even when I grow old."

The King looked down and read his story for all the world to hear, when
he finished the fans looked and yes, they did cheer.

"More! More!" they cried and threw in the air their cones, the King
spoke then and said, "Okay, here is a Bag of Bones!"

The subjects cried and Tabitha wailed of the rumor that empty was the
King's well.

They closed their eyes and all did chant, "Stephen King quit? He just

So, constant reader of this tale, please read and beware,
Stephen King is NOT done, for his fans will ALWAYS care!!!

A Look at Stormy

--by Stormy Stevens, Copyright 1998

Of terror, I'm no stranger. I live from day to day. My moods they are Stormy, at least that's what they say.

Living with depression is no fun, you see, neither is mania, panic attacks and self-mutilation makes three.

There are moments of calmness and of serenity, but also times of madness boarding on insanity.

People who know me, love me the way I am, even though I can drive them crazy and tend to fall into the bad lands.

Mental disorders caused by chemical imblances of the brain steal away your life, your love, and you run circles in vain.

I did not ask for the horror, I did not ask or the pain. I am just thankful that there are at least times when I actually do feel sane.

I have taken razor blades to my arms you see, the scars there remind me that totally sound and whole I wasn't ment to ever be.

People claim to understand and I think that they believe, but unless you suffer a mental disorder too, you can't know what its really like to be me.

I'm not searching for pity. I don't want you to grieve. I just want you to gain understanding of mental and chemical disorders so that you can begin to accept people like me.

My name is Stormy and that name describes me.

Of Authors

-- by Stormy Stevens, Copyright 1998

I have read Stephen King and Peter Straub too.
I am a terror fan all the way, through and through.

Other writers capture me, like Clive Barker, John Saul and Dean Kootz,
I have often wondered if this makes me a kook.

Of John Grisham I've read them all from A to Z,
I happen to like Willian Peter Blatty too, The Exorcist completely thrilled me.

Of blood and guts and medical horror,
Robin Cook and Patricia Cornwell will take that honor.

For getting back to my younger years I am fond of two.
Judy Blume is one and V.C. Andrews is two.

I love to read and get lost in the words and only one can truely make my heart sing,
I believe I've already mentioned my favorite and that is Stephen King.

A True Scare

-- By Stormy Stevens, Copyright 1998

I sit here in my bedroom with a book in my lap,
my puppy lays beside me, enjoying his nap.

I lose myself within the pages, my imagination working hard.
I am waiting for then terror, I am on nervous guard.

Tensions thick, my nerves strung tight.
I turn the page and discover the fright.

The blood came up through the drain, the girl, she looked bewildered.
If Pennywise had wanted to, he could have jumped out and killed her.

The words depict a gruesome scene, with intricut detail.
The blood is on the mirror and wall and the girl is turning pale.

The blood is running freely now, I turn the page to see.
My husband bangs the door right then causing me to scream.

My dog, he does the pee pee dance, my husand turns to flee...
all because I read the book of "IT" by the master, Stephen King!!

My Love Affair With Stephen King

-- By Stormy Stevens, Copyright 1998

I was trapped by 'Salam's Lot and never looked behind me,
then came Carrie with her prom date, the mental parts were scarey.

I read Christine and thought it was so-so,
but I really loved King's story of the mad dog named Cujo.

I really enjoyed Misery, although the movie was lame,
I've also read and had nightmares about Gerald's Game.

I have read Rose Madder, he got what he deserved.
I really loved Insomnia, the little doctors had some nerve!

Needful Things is a favorite and Desperation is too,
I sortof liked The Regulators, same story, different crew.

The Green Mile tortured me, waiting was a pain,
Pet Sematary was good, the poor guy must have gone insane.

To this day I can't stand clowns. Read IT and you'll see why,
I swear that I've seen Pennywise in my window, and that he has spied.

I'm on the quest of Roland, to find the Dark Tower,
Boy that Blaine the mono sure does like his power.

I have read all SK's collections, of this I can not lie,
Different Seasons was my favorite for different reasons why.

The Running Man movie, I didn't like,
But the book was a different story of which I found delight.

Of The Long Walk, I still am not sure and the same goes for Rage,
But I kindof liked Roadwork and of Thinner, I devoured every page.

I have many old ones of King still to read,
but for now I'm reading Bag of Bones, I'm enjoying it, so let me be.

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