Jon R's cut/uncut Bible post

[Background: Jared suggested that Robert Whelan start a cut/uncut Bible thread, mirroring his cut/uncut Stand thread. Jon R replied with this post.]

Oh, I see how that would be! If we were the discussJon group for the Bible, then:

Robert would complain over the Luke, Matthew and John, claiming that the Bible was repeating itself.

Stevie would moan about the hand-written letters to the Romans and others.

Dani would flame anyone who suspected that John was not the actual author of the section attributed to him.

Michael would be suggesting that the beheading of John the baptist is symbolic in nature.

Jon Skeet would post the ten commandments every Friday.

Margo would start a thread to rate the twelve diciples.

Andy would want to know what kind of wine Christ made at that wedding.

Assorted members of the group (you know who you are) would electronically re-enact said wedding.

Newbies would be posting questions about when the next story about the good Samaritan will come out. Or "I've read until God creates the earth. Does it get any better? Please don't spoil anything for me."

Lucas Buck would tongue-in-cheek flame the person who gives away this spoiler (which is bound to happen).

Bev would actually know what happens next to the good Samaritan, but refuses to say how he knows it.

Jared would make post trying to explain why there are always fish on the other side of the boat.

At least five posters would call themselves Pontius Pilate.

Carol would take on a role of worship. She _is_ Xmas Carol, after all.

A certain sig would be Halle Lalle Lalle Lujaaaaah!!!

I would flame the sheep-lovers. (Cows rule!)

And most of the posts would concern who should star in the film about which ever part that is unfilmable.

Jon R.

(And Vegard would be mad at me for not including him in my lists.)

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