An important post by Dani on the nature of fandom

Dani posted this on June 26th, 1999, and I was asked to put it up on the page. I've removed the other poster's name and Dani's introduction explaining the repetition of the post.
I mentioned...

>>A few years ago, at a booksigning, he mentioned to an 
>>ABSKer that while he did not generally read this 
>>newsgroup, Tabitha often did.  That being said, if you
>>really want to email your well wishes, this would be 
>>the place that a member of his family would be most 
>> likely to see it.

And (name removed) wondered...

>Hey everyone!  After reading what Dani said about Tabitha
>reading this newsgroup, I had a strange thought.  Maybe
>Tabitha Is Bev Vincent.  What do you all think?

The question has been asked in the past.  During my more
prolific posting periods, the same question was asked in
reference to myself.  I can assure you, neither Bev nor
myself are Tabitha or Stephen King.  The likelihood that
Tabitha would actually post here, especially in a way that
might identify her, is extremely slim.  The Kings are
very private people and neither of them would have any
desire to suddenly have their email boxes filled with 
posts from well-meaning but utterly clueless fans.

If I knew the email addresses of either Steve or Tabitha
I would not even consider emailing either of them unless
they first emailed me.  I've never had to live under the
weight of the public eye as the Kings have, but I have
some experience with full email boxes from people who
thought they knew me from my postings.  Those experiences
have not always been pleasant.  Quite honestly, there have 
been times when it was almost frightening, ESPECIALLY
when I received some emails from a few misguided people
that honestly believed they had 'found' one of the Kings.
I can fully understand why their privacy would be important
to them.

The Kings have managed incredibly well over the last two
and a half decades in keeping their family out of the 
public eye.  I have nothing but respect for them in that 
arena.  I wouldn't dream of invading their livea via their 
computers or their telephones or their street.  They have 
worked hard to give us many hours of pleasure and the least 
they deserve is the privacy they so clearly desire.

As an added note, I want to point out that it is my 
personal opinion that if any fan on this group finds this
post personally offensive, you should take a very close 
look at your fandom (read obsession).  If it walks like
Annie Wilkes and it talks like Annie Wilkes, it should
probably be safely ensconced in a nice tightly locked

Dani K.

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