"Die Siedler - Städte & Ritter" reference sheet

Production of tiles bordering cities

When a tile bordering a city is productive, the player owning the city receives:

City development

After developing a city three times in one area, the following privilege is granted:

Victory Point cards

These must be placed face up immediately. Like all progress cards, they are not taken into account when the robber is moved.

Green Cards (Science)

Alchemist (x2)
Play this card before you roll the dice. Instead of rolling the numeric dice, choose their values. Then roll the event die as normal and execute the event first.
Construction crane (x2)
Building a city development (monastery, city hall etc,) in this round costs you one commodity fewer. (No other players are affected, and only one upgrade is made cheaper.)
Mining industry (x2)
For each ore hex you border with at least one settlement or city, draw two ore cards.
Irrigation (x2)
For each wheat hex you border with at least one settlement or city, draw two wheat cards.
Printing press (x1)
1 Victory Point.
Inventor (x2)
Exchange the number tokens on two tiles. Tokens 2, 12, 6 and 8 cannot be exchanged. (The robber doesn't affect this.)
Engineer (x1)
Immediately build a wall for one of your cities at no cost.
Medicine (x2)
You may convert one of your settlements into a city at a cost of 2 ore and 1 wheat.
Forge (x2)
You may increase the level of two of your knights by one each at no cost, subject to the normal requirements for raising knights to level 3.
Road construction (x2)
Immediately build two roads at no cost. (Seafarer expansion: build two roads, a ship and a road, or two ships.)

Blue cards (Politics)

Bishop (x2)
Move the robber. For each player with a settlement or city bordering the robber's new location, draw a raw material or commodity card at random from the owner's hand. (Only one card is taken from each player, even if they have more than one city/settlement bordering the tile.)
Diplomat (x2)
You may remove any unterminated road (ie one which has a "loose" end, with no pieces of the same colour connected to it. Knights count as terminating roads.) If you can legally place one of your own roads there, you may immediately do so, free of charge.
Field marshall (x2)
Immediately activate all of your own knights at no cost.
Wedding (x2)
Every opponent who has more victory points than you must give you two cards (raw materials or commodities) of their choice.
Plot (x2)
You may move an opposing knight from one intersection whic his connected to one of your own roads or ships. If it has nowhere to move to, it is removed.
Saboteur (x2)
Place an opponent's city on its side. This city only produces resources as a settlement until the owner pays 1 wood and 1 ore for repairs. The city retains all its other properties (walls, VPs, barbarian strength).
Spy (x3)
Look at the progress cards of any player and remove one, keeping it for yourself. You may immediately play the stolen card.
Defectors (x2)x
Choose an opponent. That player must remove one of his knights (his choice) from the board. Replace the removed knight with one of your own of the same level (if possible - otherwise build a simple one). The new knight has the same status (active/passive) as the one which was removed.
Constitution (x1)
1 Victory Point.

Yellow cards (Trade)

Trader (x6)
Place the trader (purple cone) on a tile bordering one of your settlements or cities. You may exchange the raw material of this tile at a 2:1 rate while the trader is there. The trader is worth 1 Victory Point. The robber has no effect on the trader.
Trade port (x2)
You may give each player a raw material card. In exchange, the player must give you a commodity card if he has one.
Trade fleet (x2)
Up to the end of your turn you may exchange raw materials or commodities of your choice at a 2:1 ratio.
Trade master (x2)
Select an opponent with more victory points than you. Look at his hand of commodities and raw materials, then take two of the cards.
Commodity monopoly (x2)
Choose a commodity. Each player must give you one card of this commodity, if possible.
Raw material monopoly (x4)
Choose a raw material. Each player must give you two cards of this raw material, if possible.

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