Die Siedler von Catan

Welcome to my Siedler page. "Die Siedler von Catan" (or "The Settlers of Catan") is a fabulous board game for 3-4 (or 3-6, with an expansion set) players. The original game is German, and although an English edition exists, I believe the quality and appearance of the pieces in the German game are superior to the English edition. I therefore encourage all would-be Siedler players to buy the German version and use the various resources on the web to learn how to play the game. (The German version often comes with an English translation of some of the rules anyway, but I hope to provide a simpler version.) The main purpose of this web site is to provide some handy resources for existing and new Siedler players. I know it's far from flashy, but I'm more interested in content than style at the moment :)

There is an a official web site which provides more commercial information. It's in German, but that's what Babelfish is for!

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