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Wedding photos 5 pictures of Holly. (I haven't done the thumbnails for them yet.)

Evidence from my night at The Calling. Don't worry, this was a one off...

Baby related photos (ultrasound, scans etc)

Teapot on a horse!
Teapot on a horse! As modelled by the bemused Holly... (If you don't know why this is here, you don't want to!)

Rhyader National Park
A lovely view of Rhyader National Park

Holly at Rhyader
Another lovely view in Rhyader :)

Me with Rumble
Me and Rumble. (I'm the bigger one.) This was taken during my mercifully brief purple hair stage.

Me and Hol
Me and Hol, my wife.

Yoda in assembly
My computer, Yoda, while I was building it (sort of).

Yoda semi-finished
The semi-completed Yoda (for now). Yoda now has a lid, and a photo will come up some time in the future.

Me topless
Jon in topless photo scandal! (Unnamed source says, "Fwoaargh!")

Me asleep
Ahhhh.... isn't he sweet? No.

Ever had one of those days?

A sunset taken from the theatre at Ioannina, while I was on tour with The Birds in September '95.

Another shot from the Birds tour, this one was a surprise discovery when we found that what was at first taken to be a huge snake's head was in fact two tortoises very much in love...

You guessed it, yet another Birds photo. This time, taken from a coach - I can't remember where exactly.

Another Greek pic, this one is the mask I wore throughout the play. Photo taken at the Dodona theatre, otherwise known as The Better Than Sex Theatre.

The wonderful Ed Black in one of his more thoughtful moments... need more be said?

Lizzy Bell in Scary Mary mode. Watch out, she's dangerous...

It's Michael in his famous drugged sheep pose...

Cuddly Bear
My until-now secret affair with Polar, Holly's bear.

One of my favourite piccies of myself, Holly doesn't like it so it's been relegated to here.

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